Audrey Hepburn LBD feat. Fruity Fashion.

 I broke my shopping ban. I lasted 21 days and then decided that I needed some face paint. I learned a lot from my shopping ban. I can budget and now tell people that I will not lend them money, I can save and not feel urges to buy stuff just to blog about them. I can prioritise where my money is going and not have to panic (although I still do) that I can't afford something. 

For example, saving for this house I have gained some chewbacca eyebrows, lovely infills and roots as dark as Voldemort's soul. Because of this, I've been in a little mood with myself lately. I've been moderately anti-social and making myself miserable.

These are very vain reasons to be upset but I feel unkempt and uncomfortable in my appearance more than I usually would.

Jamie and I decided to go shopping after work yesterday and grab a bite to eat before a visit to the Estate Agents. 

My diet has gone to the absolute shitter lately. I've been in a constant state of stress and anxiety regarding the house hunt and finances so I'm going on a night out tomorrow to let off some steam.

In preparation for this long overdue night out, I decided that I needed a new dress. 

This really confused Jamie.

All of my dresses have patterns and a splash of colour on them and so I decided to go for a more classic ensemble. Audrey Hepburn style-esque and it's another excuse to wear my (albeit fake) pearls again.

I adore the simplicity and the material that it's made out of. The light material underneath really makes the dress and the best part is that it was £40 reduced to £20! I worship bargains.

On the way to the changing rooms I spotted something else and almost dropped to the floor like a five year old child that sees sweets in a shop window.

Anyone who follows my blog knows my obsession with fruity fashion. I have blogged about it here and here.

Well, to continue with the obsession, I have finally found accessories to go with these shoes. 


How a-freakin'-mazing is this bag?! I always tend to use the same bag on a night out, a simple black one with a gold chain but when I saw this, I had to have it. It was only £4.00!

So tomorrow night I shall be donning the classic Hepburn inspired style and mixing it up with some fruity fashion. You should all follow my Insta so I can show you how it turns out.

All items purchased are from Matalan!

Now for a little Audrey Hepburn appreciation. 

So much love for her. Such an inspirational icon.

Also, we have another house viewing Saturday! We've found out that we may not need a HMO after all as we can just take a joint tenancy. So much faffing.

Do you have any Audrey Hepburn inspired styles/make-overs? Link me below! 

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