BBQ Bonfire

I need to stop planning things because they never quite happen as they should. This weekend Jamie and I were supposed to chill together and then go paint-balling with friends on the Saturday, none of that happened. 

This weekend was still pretty insane though and my body is politely telling me just how insane it was. Blergh. Also the plan we had planned didn't go to plan as the BBQ food turned out to be inedible and then people proceeded to burn everything in site into a massive bonfire. It was so much fun.

It started on the Friday. Jamie and I were supposed to stay in and then he went out with a few work colleagues before calling me at 2am because he wanted a cuddle (that's not even an innuendo) and then Saturday was paint-balling turned BBQ turned Bonfire. 

 It was a really good day and night. No drama, just good friends having food (until it became inedible and they threw the butter on the fire) and drinks.

I also did something regrettable and purchased Lambrini. A little 'culture' in this town, probably the north east and maybe the entirety of Britain is as a youngster finishing school and heading to college but still being underage and poor (totally not advertising this by the way, you should always drink responsibly and wait until you're of legal age to drink. It's far better when you're 18 anyway) is that we would purchase cheap bottles of wine and cider. Now, I like neither but it was cherry flavoured and matched my dress.

Drinking cheap booze did not end well.

I started off the night looking pretty with my silver/white hair and after a week of no make-up it felt soooo good to give life to my eyebrows. I'm all over this neon nights make up still. 

You can read about my eyebrows here and the neon nights make-up here

My tongue went pink and so people kept saying that I looked like a lizard aha! 

This weekend was so much fun. I can't remember what a quiet weekend in looks/feels like. I really want to do some baking with Jamie though and finally get to use my tie dye kit. I suggested it to Jamie but his creativity is purely directed at his YouTube channel. I also really want to go camping. 

What did you do this weekend?

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