Get that Tan...gradually. Dove Summer Glow Review.

Living in Britain, we actually don't have a summer. Like, I'm not sure if it's already passed by because last week, it was really, really warm for a day. 

Of course I was at work that day and so I think I've missed the British summer. 

Because of the lack of sunshine and summer in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, and the fact that I am not going on holiday this year (cons of working with le boyfriend, it is near impossible to get the same time off together) and I'm saving for a house, I decided to pretend that it was summer (It is June after all) and get my fake tan on.

My Mum has bought Dove for years but I don't think she has ever used this product and Dove has a highly respected reputation, especially in my household as everyone has sensitive skin in my family. 

My Mum presented me with a bottle of Dove 'Summer Glow' nourishing lotion. At first I was skeptical, coming from the North of England, I have seen some fake tan disasters. 

But after researching reviews of this product online and having a high opinion of Dove as a brand, I thought I would give it a go.

At first I didn't notice any changes to my skin tone but it is a subtle gradual tan and so there's no surprise there. My skin became softer and smelled nice all the time and I didn't get this rubbery/slimy residue I feel off other moisturisers. A thing that I love about Dove too is that it is designed for sensitive skin and so I have had no bad reactions like rashes etc from using it.

Unfortunately for my boyfriend he did react to it. I couldn't reach areas on my back to make the tanning even and so employed my boyfriend to cream up my back. Within the hour he had broken  out in a rash over his hand and arm. He's applied it a few times for me now though and so I'm in doubt whether it really was my lotion or something else.

After three days of using it twice a day my skin darkened and I was complimented on my tan. What I love about the gradual aspect is that you don't go from milk bottle white to dark immediately and so it looks a lot more natural than bottled fake tans. Also, as long as you've applied it to all areas of the body, the tan is very even and not streaky/patchy which I've experienced in the past.

Admittedly, I'm lazy as shit and don't wash my hands after applying to the rest of my body and so my hands look a little darker than the rest of my body but the beauty of this product is that if you don't use it for a couple of days or use it on less areas, the tan gradually lightens back up again.

It doesn't stain clothing/bedding etc either. You apply it and leave it and not even showering washes it off.

I had a Snapchat of mine and Jamie's arm next to each other to test how tanned I had become and he was pale in comparison. I really wish I had kept it because it was a quite a good representative of the product.

I will update this post in a few days when the tan darkens and sets in more. I will also find a 'before' picture - preferably unedited, so that you can see the difference between using it and not.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. So far the results have been amazing and I would choose this product over the general fake tan products out there. I also feel better about my body now that I'm not just rocking pale skin with pink stretchmarks but I have a 'summer glow' that makes me want to wear more summery clothes - even if the British Summer seems to be missing.

Have you tried this product or have any other fake tans to recommend? 

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