New hair feat. Watermelon Playsuit!

Today's blog post is short and sweet....just like my new hair and playsuit! 

I've been down in the dumps lately and finally got rid of my disgusting roots.

I adopted some brunette hair underneath so that my dark brown roots don't look so harsh when they come through again.

Seriously, my hair dresser is amazing.  She took six weeks of roots and growth and turned it into a work of art! 

After my hair appointment, my best friend came to see me. As mentioned in yesterday's blog post she gifted me with a WATERMELON PLAYSUIT.

I have an obsession with fruit fashion. I think I need help. Or to go and buy more! (I really need to go back to Matalan and get those lemon goodies!)

I feel so fresh and summery! 

What fashion obsessions do you have?