#OOTN: Steam Punk Audrey Hepburn in the Fruit Aisle of Morrison's

I love coming up with new clothing ensembles, especially one's that mix up different styles and have an element of fruit fashion.

I went out on Friday night, of course I was missing two of my best friend's and forgot that I worked through lunch that day and so ended up a little bit too drunk but it was an alright night. Would have been better if I'd have eaten a meal though. 

I have no idea how I used to go out 5 nights a week. I went out for one and it's taken me two days to get over it. I'm getting old.

But let's talk about my Outfit of the Night.


I couldn't get a better photo because I suck and don't own a full length mirror and it was hard to get the bag in too aha! My good friend Laura help me in the last one. Toilet selfie. Pretty standard.


This is one of my favourite outfits that I've put together. I need to get back to Matalan and buy all of the lemon fashion pieces they have going on. I'm kicking myself for not buying them when I picked up the watermelon stuff! 

My best friend was shopping and bought me a Watermelon play suit!! I have no photos yet but we're planning to meet tomorrow after my hair appointment. I'm hoping it fits because I have a really awkward body that ranges between 4 different sizes. 

Another thing that added to my already amazing outfit was these glasses.

I feel like a steam punk John Lennon when I wear them. I never want to take them off and I can't wait for river days so I can wear them properly. 

The reason I got to keep these glasses was because we were putting together a ridiculous photo and they suited me so my friend let me keep them. Bonus!

Oh, here's the outrageously hilarious photo. Macca couldn't find sunglasses so grabbed something last minute.

Best. photo. ever.


I also really want a princess cake. Why can't it be a thing to wear a tiara everywhere and for people not to think that I'm a weirdo. Like, look at this thing!...

Jamie wouldn't let me buy the tiara cake. Shopping with a hangover is not great because I want to buy birthday cake and ice cream and pity myself all day. 

We did get milkshake and ice lollies though!

It was beautiful. My diet and healthy lifestyle is still down the shitter. Need to get motivated again!

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