Queen of Hearts

I have decided that I need to invest in some face paints. I've been getting really into creative make-up lately and I figured that using actual make-up isn't as good as face painting. 

Today, I became a Queen of Hearts. 

I think I'll redo this look and make the card a little more 3D with shading, etc. 

I still quite like it though.

The pale skin I implemented reminded me the Elizabethan era and their make-up ideals.
I learnt a little from a trip to Leeds I took with my boyfriend for my birthday. Basically, white make-up was used as a silent 'declaration' of higher class. They could afford not to work and anyone tanned was effectively dirty and poor from working out in the sun all day long. A pale complexion was so desired that they packed on a mixture of white lead (known as Ceruse or Venetian Ceruse) and vinegar which in turn slowly poisoned, paralysed, blinded and made users bleed to death. Ironically it also made their skin age faster.  

Link me to your make-overs!

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