The Shopping Ban

I've hit a new milestone in my life. I have officially signed up to a pension scheme.
I don't know how to feel about this. This is the first time in my life that I have honestly thought about my future (you know apart from whether we're going out next Friday) and have signed up to a pension, and even thought about having two for practicality! 

I'm slightly overwhelmed. I am officially a tax paying (I really need to ring the tax office - dammit), hard working, pension paying, house hunting, holiday wanting adult. I've been legally allowed to drink in a pub for 4 years! 4 fucking years! 

I feel like I've somehow skipped 5 years and went from a school kid to an adult (I should really move out of my parents house soon) in the space of 30 minutes. I have a degree! 

I feel like I've had this reaction a little later than I should have.

After the realisation that I am a responsible adult, fuck my life so many responsibilities, I decided to go shopping.

Before I show you my mini haul, I also had the realisation of how different 'my' generation of young adults is to my parents generation. My Mum and Dad expected me to be married, pregnant, with a child as some sort of housewife by now. They aren't too thrilled that I'm moving in with two men, not for the fact that it's two men but the fact that my boyfriend and I are moving in together out of convenience and so have chosen to have separate bedrooms and to keep our little routine going. 

We LOOOOOVE our own space, maybe a little too much. But we've only been together for a year and a half and we are perfectly happy at the stage we're at in our relationship. We probably will be this way for a significantly longer period of time. We haven't even been on holiday together yet!

Sorry 'rentals. Your only daughter has no plans for babies and marriage for a looooong time, if at all (I think I can hear their heart breaking). I haven't even developed the confidence to go into my dream career yet. All I really want is a solid job where I'm queen bee because I'm so awesome and a wad of cash because I'm already living out of my means. 

This brings me onto my shopping ban. Now I've moved from weekly to monthly pay *Cries uncontrollably into my boyfriend pillow* (that's a real thing), and pay taxes, rent and now into a pension scheme, I've had to tighten the budget. I already budget and save but I'm house hunting and so need to cut out buying stuff just because I think I can. (I don't actually regret buying anything I actually have although Jamie tells me off constantly for getting to a till and then buying like 5 more things that I don't need. Boyfriend, I know you'll read this, I don't need the till items I agree, but I don't actually need any of the stuff I'm buying, aha!).


Okay, I actually genuinely needed the jeans that I bought today. Last week I was attacked by dogs and ripped my jeans in the process. I am now down to one pair. Don't judge me, I only ever wear jeans to work, I'm usually rocking dresses, skirts, mostly pajamas and rarely, even tracksuit bottoms. 

I feel like I need to explain the dog sitch because I just threw that out there. Here I was, casually cycling to work and I passed a few dogs, they gave me attention so I got off my bike and walked passed them before checking the coast was clear and getting back on my bike. Out of nowhere all
Work made me wrap up my hand for health and safety.
I looked awesome.
four dogs came and started attacking my bike sending me flying over the handle bars in the process. I cut up my hands and dislocated my shoulder and my bike was a bit bent up after but I survived. The guy was laughing it off which annoyed me. He was like "My dogs dislike cyclists and love tires." I just thought; "Yeah that's great that you left all four off the lead then." *Le large sigh.*

I stepped away from the black jeans that I have been oh so fond of and bought these beauties. It's hard to find jeans that fit my awkward legs, I always go for the high wasted skinnies as nothing else flatters my figure like these. 

I've dropped a dress size in jeans which makes it a little easier to actually find some that fit. They were £13.00 in Primark which is a reasonable price for stretch Denim jeans. I'd rather find cheaper ones on the internet and preferably buy in bulk (like Dannii does) but awkward legs and being like 5 different dress sizes make that nearly impossible.

Danielle has been super down lately and so I treated her to a little gift. I accidentally found this and was like "That is Dannii!" The joke is that I'm always snapping photos of her and my other friends to the point where they're like "It's a night out, put the phone down" (blogger habit?) and she has this incredible instapose in which she will not be paying attention and still capture this amazing modelesque photo. Then there's me with my 17 attempts at a profile picture :') Two types of people in this world.

I was going to get her another t-shirt I found that had the slogan "Stressed but well dressed" scrawled over it but I thought it was in bad taste. Although I might go back and get it because we laugh at ourselves all the time and it's perfect for a time like that.

The above featured Tee was only £3.00! Dannii and I love a bargain, although we both spent £40.00 today and the other tee mentioned is available for £2.00. Both were found in Primark.

Another diamond that I found in Primark, at the till - sorry Jamie, was this gorgeously scented body scrub. It was a pound! I've been using my Mum's shower cream lately and it sucks but I'm avoiding Lush hauls (the devastation) because I blow money in there like it's the last thing I'll do on this Earth.

I also crushed my headphones by standing on them when I had a clumsy moment and half fell all over my bedroom and so had to purchase some new ones. 

My ears are so messed up. I can only wear one type of headphones which is these ones below.

I have a doctor's appointment next week to go and get my ears flushed out, sexy I know, because they are forever causing me problems. Shoving headphones in all the time probably doesn't help. It legit feels like I'm in a swimming pool constantly, I can't quite hear people and I have this awful feeling in my jaw and ears that I need to 'pop' my ears. I apparently have to use olive oil in my ears for the next week. I'm not too excited for that.

So this is the last haul for 4 whole weeks. I blagged a lot in this post. Maybe because I'm nervous, I'm scared that I'll suddenly find everything that I want to buy and not be able to but when I am spending money shopping, I can never find it. What if I find something and don't buy it and then all of a sudden it becomes out of stock and then they discontinue it?! Okay, maybe not but these are the kinds of thoughts that I have.

I'm trying not to have a shopping haul/buy crap until the 1st July. I may blog about how it is killing me inside.

What are your money saving tips?

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