The Tawny Owl and House Hunting

I have never been so happy for it to be Friday tomorrow! All I want to do is get into my 'Jamas, pint in hand and play video games/ watch junk television. 

The ball has officially started rolling with moving out! All day long I complain that I need more privacy/less parents all up in my space (I'm 22 guys, please back it up) and we have actually started financing and talking to estate agents. Of course my parents still aren't impressed that Jamie and I aren't living as a couple but I couldn't think of anything better. I get to paint my room pink, have flowery bedding and watch Catfish at 2 in the morning, I will finally have my own freedom that I have been longing for since my first year at university. 

I'm not sure how this happened but two years ago my best friend and I joked about living together and now it's me, him and another guy (my beautiful boyfriend) and there's even talk of a fourth. Talking finances, it's similar to a three bed property but the overall large bills like council tax would be cheaper shared with another person. And this person has a couple things we don't, like furnishings and experience of living alone and how to handle bills etc. 

Of course the down side to this is the amount of responsibility the so called freedom costs. None of us have job security (does anyone anymore?) and wads of cash would be spent weekly. I'm hoping it will be fun too though because I'm 22 and living the life of a 62 year old. All I do is worry about stuff all the time when I just want to switch off and have quiet time/fun.

As a mini celebration/Jamie was too hungover to take me last week, Jamie and I went for dinner last night. I also like Wednesday date nights because it's mid week and I feel like it's been the longest day/week ever and need a pint to get out of work mode. I work in finance and all I think about is how much money it costs to live. Next week I'm spending a chunk of money just to be able to see without my eyes straining. I should have been an optician.

The Tawny Owl

Located on the outskirts of Darlington is this picturesque pub that I absolutely adore. It's quiet and traditional compared to the pubs that I usually hang out at which is refreshing. 

My parents introduced me to this place a couple of years back. It's great for unwinding as although it's a franchise (Vintage Inns) it's not all about the money. It's kind of like the pub in Emmerdale but without the drama.

One of my favourite parts of this pub is the quaint little doll house it has in the landing. I didn't investigate too much because I left Jamie outside to nip to the toilet but I think I saw little people inside. So cute!

To keep up with the tradition, and because I haven't had it in ages, I ordered the sausage and mash. It was marvelous. I usually just boil the kettle and add it to bisto but this was real homemade gravy with fresh homemade sausages and locally grown potatoes. Mouth watering and really filling.

I gave Jamie my onion rings because I don't like them.

After dinner, I was dying to show Jamie the 'Secret Garden' in which this pub is renowned for. It has won awards for it's excellency! At first he was reluctant because of it was cold outside (and truth be told it is a lot more beautiful in the summer months) but puppy eyes convinced him to go.

So my photos don't really capture the beauty of this place because you 'feel' the homely country atmosphere when you walk in the door. The service was outstanding and I felt so relaxed after visiting this place. When all of the flowers have bloomed and all the umbrellas are covering a garden full of people it is exquisite. There is also a section of animals through the summer months which includes chicks, bunnies and horses. 

As I was pondering around the garden Jamie pointed out the horse in the nearby field. There was a large fence in the way and I didn't want to be rude and stand on a chair so I carefully held my phone over and snapped a few photos to see the so called horse. 

At first I saw a butt...

 And then I saw a Llama! After this it got really close to the fence and then ran away. So much cuteness.

So if you're hanging around the North East of England any time soon, you have to check this place out! You will not regret it. 

I also received my tie dye's in the mail! Going to get my art on this weekend and get Jamie to find/release his creative side. 

Where have you been lately?

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