Adulting. Version 2.0.

I've been MIA lately but all for good reason. We have found a flat! I've been posting about our mini adventures and all of the hurt and rejection we were getting as four 20 odd year old's were trying to find a place to live together and estate agents were being funny about needing a HMO although we wanted a joint tenancy, but we finally found a place to call home!

This happened all last week whilst we were waiting for the payments to be made and references to clear and keeping my anxiety (it went into overload, I spent yesterday playing Diner Dash in the fetal position) at bay but it's finally official. We have the keys and everything.

How cute is my key ring? The guy messed up making our keys and we had to go back and forth to the flat a bunch of times so he let me select one as an apology. We then went and celebrated although we haven't started moving our stuff over due to work commitments so it doesn't feel official yet.

I think it will only feel official to me when I do a little flat tour for this blog. I have just purchased a new bed, a full length mirror and have planned a little make-up station. I'm still convincing the boys to let me dress them up and paint their faces. So far, they're having none of it.

My favourite part about this place, apart from the fact that my parents don't live there, is that it has a bath! I've never had a bath in my own home due to my Mum's disability (bless her, she used to love bath's) and so when we found out that it had one, was close to town and a good price (what isn't a good price divided by four?) we snapped it up before we even left the car park.

Of course moving out is expensive but we went private in the end so we didn't have to pay hidden/admin fees on top of everything else. 

After the elation of finally finding a place to live, it was time for my best friend's birthday. Of course we ate too much and I had been celebrating all day and so I fell ill but it was all good fun. Sunday left me begging for sleep through all the excitement. I feel 22 going on 82.

We went to the Blue Bell in Yarm. The food was amazing although it was a bit tightly packed due to it being a Saturday night which made our service a bit slow. For that burger, I would wait a hundred years.

Unfortunately, and very bad blogger of me, I let my phone die before we got there and so only have a few photos of the night. 

Among the presents featured above, I bought a matching watermelon necklace because Dannii hates matching items and fruit fashion, although she encourages mine by buying me watermelon play suits. I need to find an occasion to wear this. It's too 'camel toe' to wear to work although I have developed an obsession with patterned leggings which has earned me the nickname "The girl with the legging fetish" at work.

I don't know how to take that.

So yeah, we have a place to live. I have funky leggings and Dannii is officially a year older tomorrow. MIA Adulting Version 2.0.

What have you been up to lately?

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