Clashing Fashique #OOTN Primark Haul!

Since the purchase of my lemon bag I have been searching for the perfect dress to go with it. 

After a stressful day at work and general adulting, I decided to do a bit of retail therapy and try to find the soulmate to this bag and finally make the perfect ensemble.

I hit up quite a few shops and couldn't find anything that I liked and when I did, I couldn't find my size. So in true Gillie style, I bought something that is completely the opposite of what I originally planned.

And I love it.

I also love the different textures of all the clothes that I bought too. The shirt is a light weight silky cotton material and the skirt is a rougher, thicker, patterned piece.

So yeah, I went into town for a yellow dress and came out with a red skirt, a striped shirt, stretch leggings and I'm sick of wearing mismatched socks on nights out so got something more subtle. 

I am breaking out of the comfort zone of always wearing dresses on nights out.

My new style: Clashing Fashique. 

All items were bought in Primark...50% sale is on!

Striped Shirt - £8.00

Red Skirt - £3.00

Seamless Footies - £2.50

Leggings - £3.00

I am now officially prepared to have a good old night out with my best friends tomorrow. A good side to being an adult: being legally allowed to drink in pubs.

*EDITOR'S NOTE* 11/07/2015

So I wore this outfit to go out last night and it was fabulous. The skirt turned out to be really lightweight so I kept having to check if my butt was covered aha!

I call this ensemble "Refereeing at a football match between Geordie Humbugs and Tim Burton's Pirates, with a splash of Beetlejuice."

I love it. One of my new favourite pieces to wear.

What have you hauled lately?

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