Collection 2000: Lock N Hold Lipgloss Body Pop - The Work Trial

On Friday, I posted about my Lip Haul and on Saturday I reviewed the Maybelline Pleasure Me Red Lipstick and Lip Liner.

Today I decided to test out my new Collection: Lock N Hold Lipgloss at work. The reason? Because what better way to test a product than when you're busy with the day, shoveling meals/drinks down your throat on the go and talking to clients/colleagues all day, not really concentrating on what make-up you're wearing and so letting it really have the full brunt of your hectic lifestyle. 

It comes in eye catching colours and is made of thick yet lightweight packaging. The brightness of the product and the graffiti style of the writing made it easy to find in my bag full of crap which was a bonus...and it matches my nails ;)

I applied the lip gloss at 7am this morning. I liked the shade of pale pink that my lips adopted and the smell of the lip gloss was pleasant and fruity. I disliked that my lips felt so heavy and sticky though.

The formula itself is quite thick which I actually liked because you don't need to apply loads and keep dipping, also there is a sponge type applicator which makes the application quick and easy. 

Throughout the day my lips did have a small shimmer to them but I had to reapply about four of five times, it definitely doesn't last for 6 hours though...unless you're a mannequin, then maybe it would. The lip gloss transferred to every surface that my lips touched which was annoying, it got on my pen (I'm that irritating chewer of pen lids), my coffee mug, my glass of water, my boyfriend's cheek and it stuck to my cigarette end which was unpleasant (just like smoking). It also disappeared completely after eating my dinner.

The thing that I did like about this product, apart from the packaging and scent, was that it made my lips feel and appear a lot plumper than they are naturally without having to overdraw my natural lip. Also the name is quite quirky. I bought Body Pop (1) which sounds cool. Other lip glosses in the collection include Rock Steady, Beat Box and Twisted Disco so they all definitely sound appealing.

Throughout the day I admittedly got quite addicted to putting it on and puckering my lips. I got used to the heavy/sticky feeling and it started to settle into a plumper yet numb lip feeling. I had used quite a bit by this point.

My lips are dry and chap a lot of the time and this lip gloss actually re-hydrated my lips a fair bit, resulting in them becoming smooth and replenished. 

Overall I liked this lip gloss but I probably wouldn't buy it again. Saying this, and totally contradicting what I just said, upon further investigation all of the names and packaging/colours look amazing and so I'm really tempted to buy and try them all!

 I dislike the sticky-it-gets-everywhere aspect but adore the scent, colour, packaging, name and the way it leaves my lips after. I'm 50/50 as to whether it changed my bad preconception of lip glosses. 

It was great to wear for work and I may be tempted to continue to do so as it's quick and simple application excuses the rest of my face for not wearing any makeup at all. 

I really want to wear lip stick to work as I always feel better with them painted but I would let it fade, get everywhere and it always ends up on my teeth/face/hands somehow. Maybe Lipgloss and I can form a solid relationship in the realms of a working girl's life.

I bought the lip gloss from Morrison's for £2.99 and the pocket mirror featured from Primark for £1.00!

Which lip gloss are you in love with?

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