Fruit Fashion Family - New Addition

I have obsessively blogged about my adoration and outright addiction to fruit fashion. 

My previous and most recent posts include:

I have had very watermelon/cherry/nature vibes continuously throughout all of my fruity outfits but today, I extended my fruit family fashion collection.

My watermelon bag got a sister!

Next on my list is some form of lemon skirt/shoes/top/dress. 

I also have a few clashing fashions feat. fruit fashion planned. 

I should probably make an effort for work once in a while. I wore my poppy dress and got stared at. People got really confused when I told them that I only ever wear jeans/trousers at work and live in dresses/skirts in my personal life. 

It was a weird reaction.

What are your favourite fashions of the moment?

Both bags are from Matalan for £4.00 each!
(Discounted from £8.00 each).

 photo 471954422251009040715_zpskwzpoqxp.png

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