How to Add a Signature to your Blog/Blogger Comments

I am the worst kind of blogger out there. I dislike to schedule/draft posts, I don't use an actual editor for my photos and after many months, I've only just added a signature to my blog.

I'm one of those people, procrastinators they're called, that if something looks like it will hurt my brain; I just leave it until it bugs me too much. 

Below is the dummies guide to adding a signature to your blog.

1. Design your signature.

I just googled "Write a signature" and then saved the image to my computer but you can draw it, paint it, whatever you feel like doing.

Then add the image to a host sight such as photo bucket. You'll see why in a minute.

2. The Blog

Open Blogger, go to BLOGGER > POSTS AND COMMENTS and within that section will be a POST TEMPLATE segment. 

This is where all of the code will go and your shiny new signature will be formed.

3. The Code

I originally searched for a code to attach my blog to Blogger comments when I realised (my post about being slow was published yesterday) that I could use this code to attach other links into my signature. 

The original code is: <a href="">Home</a>

You simply change '' to your desired link and the 'Home' to whatever you want it to show as.

In photo bucket, upload the photograph that will be your signature. Once uploaded click on it and to the right will be options to 'share the links.' 

Click the HMTL option and replace the original code with the generated HMTL.

4. The final Signature 

My signature HTML looks like this.

I copied the original link and replaced it with my Insta, Twitter and Bloglovin' links putting a '/' to break them up but you can leave a space or any other dashes/pictures you want.

You can mess around with aligning the signature and links but I find it easier to do it manually around my posts. 

So there's my dummies guide to basic HTML that you can use to add a signature/blogger comment to your blog. 

Check out mine below! 


  1. useful post!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? let me know

    1. Thank you!
      Sorry for being rude but I don't know what GFC is? aha.

  2. Great post. Is there a way to get add it to the html so it shows on every post or do I need to copy and paste everytime? Fiona xx

    1. Thank you sweetie. For the signature it will appear every time as long as you've added it to the correct section but as far as I know (I'm new at this) you have to manually add it to blogger comments. It won't appear on your previous posts so you'd have to manually add it there but a way to preview it is to click 'New Post' :) Hope I answered your question! xoxo

    2. That's great. Thanks for answering. Will be having a go this afternoon. :-) xx

    3. Hehe, no problem! here to help :) xoxo

    4. You'll be pleased to know I've done it xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I struggled at first so I thought there might be others like me :') xoxo

  4. What a handy little guide, I definitely need anything HTML related dumbing down. I uploaded my signature to Blogger, than just add it to the end of the post. No doubt, it's probably wrapped in lots of unnecessary code though. I'll give this a go!

    Barbie Sparkles | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you! I'm the same. I have a boyfriend who is a computer whizz which just pushes me to want to do it myself more and show him up aha! I think as long as people are comfortable with their blog that's all that matters tbh :D xoxo