I have a recurring theme in my life and wardrobe. Fruit. 

I've talked plentiful about my obsession and adoration for Fruity Fashion and so now I'm going to tell you about my latest addiction...Fruit juice.

I am genuinely dedicating an entire blog post to fruit juice.

This stuff is the shit. I started to notice my spending trends when I was budgeting and a chunk of money was getting spent at work. I take my own coffee, water is free and I grab a cheap lunch/bring my own so I had to sit and think about where all of my money had been going. I had been unknowingly splurging on multiple bottles of juice a day. At almost £2.00 a bottle, it's pretty expensive but ohhhhhh it's so worth it!

I always drink it too quickly because it's flavours are addictive and explosive. The packaging is awesome too.

It features fruit bursting open/exploding because, ya know, it's called JuiceBurst.

My favourite flavours are the Apple and Blackberry and the Still Lemonade. It tastes like an American 1950's summers day. 

Another positive is that it counts as one of your five a day! 

Another quirky little feature is that it is interactive!

You can download an app called Blippar for free and then scan it in and it becomes a live 3D game that you can win cool stuff on.

Not that I have yet.

I have so many more flavours to try out.

I bought the cup featured from Matalan for £3.00. Le boyfriend's crotch is not included.

What is your favourite juice?

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