Living with Trypophobia.

Work tends to get a little tedious throughout the day. We're dealing with the same stuff, same problems and same people day in and day out so often our conversations can turn a little weird.

A spider dropped on my head and so I freaked and got my colleague to hastily get it off and away from me  and so today's conversation turned into what our worst fears are.

To read a full list of my fears and freak outs click here but today I'm going to talk about Trypophobia. Mainly to get it out there and to hopefully find other people like me so we can vomit together at the thought of a sponge. 

Trypophobia, amazingly, isn't even recognised as an actual fear. It is claimed to be a pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes. The name originates from the Greek τρύπα (meaning hole) and φόβος (meaning fear.)

*Editor's note* - I received a comment on Instagram claiming that the above was from Wikipedia. I research from a variety of sources but as a trained Journalist I have never cited Wikipedia and shall never source from anything like Wikipedia. In reaction to the comment, I did notice the wording of the sentences were very similar and so changed mine. 

Now, before I get into this, I'm going to mention that I physically vomited whilst researching more about this and have been sat white, cold, clammy and with goosebumps since whilst trying to type it up so if anyone wants to hook me up to machines and make me their case study to make this a thing and then make me get over it, my contact details are in the 'About Me' section.

I first noticed I suffered from something when I was about 4. My Mum used to bathe me with sponges. FUCKING SPONGES. The texture, the sound, the look, the fact they have holes in freaks me out to the point where I wouldn't bathe unless she got rid of it. The only way I can describe it to people who think I'm a massive freak right now is the whole "Nails on a Chalkboard" metaphor. It still took her until I was 13 to realise that I couldn't wash the dishes with a sponge. We could have saved so many arguments. 

To be honest, I don't know if I would class it as a fear but more of a repulsion. I'm not scared of a sponge or a lotus pod but they disgust me. My imagination goes into over drive and I start picturing (think of those montages at the start of a horror film) things living inside these holes and puss exploding out, maggots, ergh, and every other bug inside this hole and then all coming out and it makes me violently ill.

When I was around 13/14 I started dating my first boyfriend and he had an acne problem. I'm really sorry if this offends anyone by the way, but he never used to clean out his blackheads or squeeze the spot that an alien spaceship could land on and so I became so anxious. I used to panic around him (I'm such an arsehole) and imagine maggots or even straight up puss just bursting out from him. No wonder he cheated on me. 

British Academics Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole believe the reaction to be based on a biological revulsion. The shapes and patterns elicit a danger response in the brain that has evolved as a trait to ward us away from dangerous animals. Weirdly, I'm not scared of a snake with circles on it's skin but throw a sponge at me and prepare for me to burst your ear drums.

To find out how much of a Trypophobe I really am (I do tend to overreact a lot so you never know) I did some online tests which led to this heart attack that I am currently under going.

The experiments stated that anything with clustered holes or 'bumps' (i.e. a cluster of spots filled with puss) in skin (this is my number one - I am guaranteed to freak out), meat, wood, soil, plants (that fucking lotus pod), wounds and within some severe cases, even bubbles can cause a reaction.

My reaction to any of the above (I love bubbles though so not those) goes as follows:

 "Fucking ew," I get dizzy, I go cold and then white, my skin physically crawls and I feel the bile raise in my chest, my hands go blue, my eyes go funny, "Is there something living in my skin?" heart palpitations, need to sit down, the bile has reached my throat now, my whole skin is itchy, "ew, bumps" and then I'm just kind of paralysed for a while. Then I have an anxiety attack and picture an impending, grotesque, suffocating death.

It takes so long to stop thinking about it too. This conversation happened at 11am this morning and I'm still ill/thinking about it now at 5.30pm.

Geoff Cole describes this 'phenomenon' as: "The most common phobia you have never heard of."

My boyfriend likes to chase me around the kitchen with a sponge. Once over the initial fear and disgust that it will TOUCH MY SKIN, it does get quite funny. He has a cute smile. There is a vaguely fun side to suffering from Trypophobia.

I really wanted to include more in this post but I may pass out if I carry on. I struggled to attach this photo set because it's disgusting and now I can't look at my blog any more.

For more information click here or simply Google it. It is quite a cool topic but I really hate being sick so maybe not for me.

Do you have Trypophobia? Comment below and we'll be freaked out and ill together! 

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  1. Hello, I do not have a trypophobia nor I knew something like this exist. I am not the biggest fan of sponges as they collect too many bacteria and mould so I do not use them anyway. I am glad you had time to share with me this fear. I would have no clue that this might be the case if a child would refuse to bath with a sponge. Find me at & Have a lovely day, Iga xxx