Mermaid Shoes and Moving Out: Primark Haul

Tomorrow is finally the day that I'm moving out! 

I'm so excited. Short shift at work and then I'm off for our fridge/washing machine delivery, moving all of my stuff to the flat, going grocery shopping and then having a very last minute planned night out. And it's pay day! 

I'm feeling good. Less stressed and anxious than usual. I need to get back into a healthy eating routine though. I saw my prom photos whilst packing my stuff up and I was a much healthier weight. I haven't cycled in a week and I've eaten so much crap. I'm an emotional eater and shopper. This needs to change. 

Being an emotional shopper, I bought a new outfit today!

I purged some more stuff and so had to replace them to keep the flow going.

I originally went into town to get a bus home and received a phone call from my Brother asking me if I had bought my Mum an anniversary card. Of course my parents Wedding Anniversary had slipped my mind with all the fuss of moving and sorting out my life. Instead of buying a card (I'm not a fan of cards, and my Mum's a hoarder so they irritate me a little) I decided to treat her to a new dress and scarf. I love seeing her face light up when she gets a new item of clothing or a present. It really warms my heart and brings us closer.

I went to Primark. 50% sales were on. Sale is my second favourite word to free. I bought some flowery leggings (I really have an addiction to patterned leggings) and some thin striped ones. I also bought some cute little socks and a plain black half pencil skirt.

My absolute favourite purchase of today was my new mermaid shoes!

For a person obsessed with fashion and beauty hoping to one day pursue a career in such a field, I suck at buying shoes. I have wide feet and they're scarred, it's hard.

I was looking at vintage shoes, loafers, sandals, wedges and I couldn't 'feel' any of them. Then I saw them!

The shoes are actually black. I added the filter for mermaid effect but it looks cool, right?

They have a delicate pattern etched into them which I think looks like a mermaid's tail and super cool platformesque bottoms with 'spikes.' 

I accidentally marked the floor with my shoes :')

I also extended my Provocalips collection! I bought my Mum some too and so now she's hooked and asking me what others there are.

Tartan leggings are amazingggggg.

I reviewed them here if you want to know exactly why I am obsessed with them.

So, tomorrow my moving out journey continues and I can stop living out of bags and limbo. I can't wait to settle in!

What haul's have you had lately?

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  1. Love these mermaid shoes! Primary is great for shoes. I've spent way to much recently on clothes haha!

    1. Thank you so much! I adore them too! I have wide feet and usually struggle to find shoes but these are a perfect fit :D xoxo