My Bad Beauty Secrets

Inspired by the wonderful Jemma over at Dorkface I felt the need to also confess my sins and purge my soul of my bad habits.

Below I have listed my beauty sins, why? To see if anyone is like me and to also reassure yourselves that no-one is perfect.

1. I hate my natural nails and always wear acrylics. 

Quite an expensive habit but I do not have the patience for nail polish and will bite my nails so much that they have to be wrapped in bandages and plasters. If I became a zombie, I would probably eat my own finger tips by accident.

And they look awesome.

2. I don't wear T-Shirts

I am 100% not comfortable in any form of T-Shirt which sucks because I have a load of band tees that I have received as presents over the years and totally want to wear. I blame it on being a tom boy for many years and being an utter state. I now personally associate T-Shirts and hoodies with the years that I was depressed and made a lot of mistakes (let's not go there) and so can't wear them any more.

3. I always have roots

It's inevitable. I am naturally dark brunette/black and have now adopted white hair. I don't have Kim K's bank account (what is she actually famous for?) and so nearing the end of the month, I rock the roots look. Looks even fresher when I actually get my hair done though!

4. I never wear my hair down

I just can't be bothered. My hair is thick, frizzy and if I don't straighten it then it takes on a life of it's own. I work at 7.30 am every day and it takes time to get there too so tying it up in a rough bun seems like the easiest option. On nights out I tend to wear it down. I'm not that adventurous with styles, it's either up or straight down. My hair is too heavy to hold curls and I am just not patient enough to play with it. It also annoys the life out of me when it hangs down when I'm working, writing, etc.

5. I don't blend my eye-shadow

On purpose. I like to pack on the neon and look outrageous. I blend slightly at the top but I wear it like war paint.

6. I don't like neutral

I don't often wear something that doesn't glisten, glitter, clash or turn a few heads in my wardrobe or my my beauty habits. I don't own anything brown and rarely wear a neutral palette. 

7. I can't wear heels

And open heeled shoes freak me out. Have you seen the film 'Maniac' with Elijah Wood? He brutally murdered women to make them into his little mannequins and inevitably dies due to his own obsession (sorry, spoilers) but there's this one scene where he severs the ankle of a woman wearing open heeled shoes. That's how I feel wearing them. It's like nails on a chalk board. As to heels, I adore them and used to own quite a few pairs but I can't wear them because I suffer from flat feet.

8. I use make-up wipes

For everything. I find them cleaner and much easier to control when correcting make-up mishaps. And I use a lot of make-up remover so I find it a cheaper alternative to buy multi packs. Cotton balls also freak me out (another nails on the chalk board) and tissues dissolve under any form of pressure when using make-up remover.

9. I have never contoured/highlighted properly

I already take a billion years to get ready for a night out. I contour slightly and have highlighted in the past but I have simply never had the time to do it properly (I am not an expert that could do it in ten minutes flat). I've just bought a contour kit though and so when I have settled into my flat (I don't wear make-up to work), I plan to experiment to my hearts content.

10. I wear glitter in my hair

Because I can and I will. I like to shine. 

What are your bad beauty habits?

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