Provocalips: 16 Hour Wear Kiss Proof Lip Colour Review - 310 Little Minx

I recently posted about my mild distaste for lip glosses and how Collection's Lock N Hold had sort of changed my mind about them. Well, I haven't worn it since that post and may have finally found something that has 1000% changed my mind about lip glosses!

Introducing: Rimmel London Provocalips - 16 Hour Wear Kiss Proof Lip Colour.

A work colleague suggested this product as I had noticed that she eats, smokes, drinks, talks, everything's without her lipstick budging and without reapplying throughout the day.

Upon advice, I bought Shade 310: Little Minx as I had just recently purchased a red lipstick that I am still in love with, (Reviewed here) and so I wanted more pink shades to add to my collection.

The two step lip system promises to be kiss proof, transfer proof and life proof and holy cow did they get that right!

I applied it at 6.30am and cycled to work in the rain. Upon arriving at work of course I was soaking wet and wiped my face (and other make-up) off with a towel before going to my desk. IT DIDN'T BUDGE. 

Later, I ate toast for breakfast followed by copious amounts of coffee, I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek and lips, smoked cigarettes, licked my lips, chewed pen tops, talked to clients/colleagues, ate soppy noodles for lunch, talked some more, accidentally wiped my lips after dribbling coffee down them, drank some Pink Lemonade Lucozade, pulled funny faces and a variety of other weird and wonderful things throughout my day. The lipgloss stayed in place the whole time without re-application!

I wore it for 14 hours without re-applying the little minx product once. It didn't fade, it didn't congeal like other lipsticks, it didn't transfer to cups, glasses, skin, people, cutlery, it didn't transfer to my teeth or surrounding lip area and after many, many hours; it looked as fresh as it did when first applied. I did have to re-apply to the top coat though, just to keep my lips from drying out.

The product itself has a fruity, sweet, powdery (think if you squeeze a talc bottle) smell to it which I adore. It's not overpowering but gentle and refreshing. The product is easy to apply and very lightweight. I didn't even notice that I had it on majority of the day.

It turns liquid to matte in seconds and has pigmentation that is on par with the Jeffree Star collection.

 Without step two of the process, the siliconesque top up shine, the lips feel quite dry and sticky. I personally can't wear it without the clear top coat as my lips dry out imminently and it feels like those lip tattoos that you transfer for long lasting wears. I would also recommend buffing your lips smooth before use as it makes all excess chapped skin stand out like a sore thumb.

The top coat really finishes the look making it bold, smooth and a delectably glossy finish. 

It compliments my skin tone and white hair too giving me a very classic Hollywood look without looking trashy (I associate lip gloss with Paris Hilton and 2003) but maintaining a bold, defined, block colour lip. I seriously adore this product so much that I am planning to buy the whole collection! Next on my list is: Kiss Me You Fool - to extend to my red collection. Although I do associate this product with being more of a liquid lipstick than a lip gloss. 

One more thing I have to talk about is the packaging. It's super cute!

I would recommend this product to everyone and anyone.

As well as lasting all day with no fading and no need for re-application, it is actually kind of impossible to get off. I think of this as a positive thing though as it won't come off at the worst possible moment for me but also because it takes aloe-vera make-up wipes and a very hard scrubbing action which in turn left my lips plump and hydrated.

If you're interested then I bought it here for £3.60!

What make-up has you hot under the collar lately?

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