The Primark Binge and Purge: Introducing Pineapple Fashion.

The thing about my eyebrows is that they go from well groomed to Chewbacca's ugly sister overnight. I can have no stray hairs and then wham...I have them everywhere!

I tend to compress my shift into Monday's, Tuesday's and Wednesday's and then leave earlier on Thursday's and Friday's (work perk) and so today I enjoyed the sunshine and had a lovely walk into town to go and get my eyebrows threaded. 

The thing about me and town is that we have a very torrid relationship and I can never quite stick to window shopping. Primark is located very close to my brow bar and I tried so hard to not go in but it happened regardless. I have an obsession with leggings lately and of course I'm expanding my fruit fashion collection.

The Binge

As I mentioned, I have a growing obsession with leggings lately. I've started being more comfortable to wear dresses and skirts and experiment more with my fashion at work and it kind of got a bit tricky when I only owned four pairs of leggings, one is a cropped pair (I have cankles) and one had a holey knee. 

(Of course the ones featured need a little iron first).

As well as the standard blacks and blues, I have become more attracted to the brighter/patterned leggings. I think they'll give my Audrey Hepburn and Pin Up dresses a unique edge compared to the usual 'don't concentrate on my legs too much' look. 

After I grabbed several pairs of leggings off the rack (amazingly, I didn't struggle to find my size today) I came across it. 

I have an ever growing fruit fashion collection. My boyfriend made a remark today that soon enough I would look like a fruit bowl. Introducing: Pineapple Fashion.

I love it. It has a vintage/summer vibe to it. I have no idea what else I would wear it with though.

How cute are these socks? I've become really fed up of wearing mismatched socks lately and so when I saw this (after having a really weird Primary school flashback) I had to purchase them!

Another thing I bought was at the till but it is totally justified. I ran out of perfume this morning and haven't had time to go perfume shopping yet (Jamie is probably recoiling in disgust at the fact I bought something at the till, check your bin for the empties!) and so I thought I'd buy something just to cover me until I have time to do a real perfume haul.

I did totally buy it for the cheesy title and gorgeous packaging. It matches my poppy dress.

The scent is nice but quite overpowering and sickly so I can't really wear too much of it. It's well worth the money I paid for it though.

I also came home to a good post day.

I put down my shopping bags and was greeted with packages! I love packages in the post. It's like buying myself presents for being me.

I haven't tested my new contour kit yet as I don't really wear make-up to work but I have planned to spend my entire Sunday experimenting with different looks and techniques.

I also posted my July Wishlist recently which included me talking about wanting Provocalips liquid to matte lip gloss. So far I've had it on for about four hours and I adore it! I plan to put it through the work trial tomorrow and review it properly. I have high expectations for this product.

The Purge

I really dislike hoarding. My Mother and Brother are hoarders and it makes me physically sick with the amount of utter junk they have managed to accumulate over the years.

As I have shopped quite a bit lately and may be moving out soon, I decided to purge my wardrobe, shoe collection and bag collection.

I feel like I have cleansed my soul and now I have room for all of my pretty new purchases. My old stuff is going to different places. Some family members, my Brother's girlfriend and Mother will choose what they wish to keep and I am a big giver to Charities. I managed to fill three Charity bags today for collection so having a shopping addiction may not be a bad thing after all.

Although purging for Charity made me want to go on a Charity Shop Haul. 

Last but not least, have my outfit of today because it's cute,

All of the items above (disregarding the Provocalips and Contour Kit) are from Primark.

Perfume - £6.00
Socks - £2.00 3x White £1.50 Black
Skirt - £2.00
Black Leggings - £3.00 each
Green Tartan Leggings - £5.00

The rest is off Ebay!

Contour Kit - £2.65
Provocalips by Rimmel London - £3.60 

Do you binge and purge or are you a hoarder?

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  1. I have seen that pineapple skirt EVERYWHERE!! I realllllly want it - Will have to go grab it now! :D

    1. Do it! One of the best skirts I have ever purchased! So lightweight too! xoxo