Tie Dye Fun!

This is the first weekend that Jamie and I have done exactly what we said we were going to. Okay, we cancelled venturing out of town due to the weather and then the weather turned out super awesome but after we changed our plans, we stuck to what we said we were doing.

We got our creative hippie on and tie dyed some T-shirts! 

Jamie chose to do a striped T-shirt and I chose to do the spiral effect tee. I expected these to turn out awful as we had never done this kind of stuff before but they were actually okay! We need to learn to handle the ink a little better but I would actually wear what we made.

This post is quite photo heavy but this is how we did it!

I started by buying two white vest tees (I personally don't wear T-shirts) from Asda for £3.50 each. I then bought two Tie Dye Kits off Ebay for £7.39. 

It was really windy when we did this.

The Kit comes with instructions. multiple pairs of gloves and a wad of elastic bands. All you need to do is open all of the tie dye bottles you are going to use and add water.

Shake it well :')

Pull a really weird face.

Put some gloves on (it gets sooo messy)

On a surface that you don 't mind ruining (we used a disused part of Jamie's fence) lay out your T-Shirt flat and choose the pattern you are going to use. I chose the spiral one and so had to pinch the middle and then 'swirl' the tee into a ball.

 Tie elastic bands around the ball. I added four elastic bands and added one of each colour to each section.

Jamie chose the striped tee and so twisted it for ease before adding elastic bands to each section he wanted a different colour.

We then wrapped them in cling film and left them over night (it recommends leaving for 6 hours to sit)

After waiting for a night for them to be ready, we removed the elastic bands and then rinsed them in cold water to remove all of the excess residue. 

Then I placed it in the washing machine for 15 minutes on a quick spin and drain setting.

They aren't the best but I'm really impressed as it's our first attempt! 

I think our mistake was that we didn't handle the ink too carefully and so ended up dipping our wet shirts into ink that we shouldn't have and just kind of squirted it everywhere. I would still totally wear them though.

It was so much fun that I want to do it again.

Link me your Tie Dye creations!

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  1. Can you believe I have never tie dyed anything before!
    But it looks so fun!

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal @ Little Beauty Bug | Bloglovin'

    1. It really is so much fun! Hours of fun on quite a cheap budget. And you get a unique tee out of it aha! I definitely recommend! :) xoxo