Wishlisting: The July Edition

It's been a while since I last blogged a wishlist because, well I haven't wished for anything, but over the past few weeks I have compiled together the ultimate summer wishlist. 

1. Jeffree Star - Jawbreaker

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I'm not sure if I want to bed Mx Star or be the beauty. Either way, I need this lip art creator in my life.

2. Provocalips 

A colleague at work has perfect lips and her lipstick stays on all day regardless of how much she talks, eats, drinks and smokes. The lipgloss turns into a matte lipstick and claims to last for 16 hours! 

And the packaging is the cutest thing.

3. Hawaiian Tee

I'm talking loud, obnoxious, ridiculous, bright, colourful and possibly tacky.

It's summer, I'm not going on holiday and I would probably wear this at Christmas to be honest.

4. Acid Wash Jeans

I don't wear jeans ever. Okay, total lie I wear them every day for work but because I only wear them to work, I don't have a big collection. In fact I think I have one functioning pair left because I have holes ripped into one and the others aren't high waisted so I dislike them. 

I did buy a pair of acid jeans from Primark recently but my Mum shrank them in the wash and so they no longer fit my big butt.

I just need to clamber away from the black. It's getting a little boring now.

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5. Lemon dress

I am all over fruit fashion as you know. Since I purchased my lemon bag, I've been searching for the perfect dress to accompany it. I also love the vintage vibes I get from these dresses. They remind me of my Nana's old plastic kitchen table pull over and matching kitchen set :')

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6. This

I was searching for the lemon dress and love the artsy vibes it gives off. 

What's on your Wishlist?

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