Adulting: The Final Frontier and THAT Yellow Dress

I am writing this blog post in the bedroom of my new flat! I did it! I finally moved out.

I've been documenting the process over the past few weeks and it has been exhausting but the day has come where I have finally settled into my new home.

I am really glad I've done this. As well as being able to be independent, learn new experiences and have the privacy that I've been longing for; it's actually brought me and my parents a lot closer. 

I finished moving in on Friday before staying around Jamie's Mum's to see his extended family and have a few drinks. Today, I unpacked the last of my things and put some washing in. I then realised that I wasn't as independent as I thought and had to ring my parents to come and show me what to do. I understand how to do washing, I'm not a complete idiot, but my Mum showed me the little things like; I have a brand new polka dot yellow/white dress which will probably run in the wash and black and white cardigans. Also, how much of what to put where as my washing machine is completely different to the one I'm so used to using and I don't have the colour absorbing pads that my Mum is so fond of.

I also go shopping weekly with my Dad. He's amazing. He can look at a shelf full of stuff and tell you the best deal by working out the price of something compared to how much you're getting-all in his head in thirty seconds flat. Now that I'm spending my own money on things like washing powder, bathroom stuff and bulk amounts of food, I've become more obsessed with the price of things.

Another thing that adopted from my parents is complaining about switching things off. It used to annoy me so much when my Mum would come into my room and unplug everything but now that it's my own money being used, I'm very obsessed with walking around making sure that everything not in use is switched off. We don't have gas, only electric and so I'm expecting the worst anyway. A flat mate of mine has an oil heater which sucks up electric, I'm already on edge about the first time he plugs it in as we split the bill evenly and it will cost a bit to run. I'm already thinking of ways to make it disappear and make it look like an accident :')

So, the anxiety has subsided. I'm settling in really well and enjoying living alone for a few days before all of the boys move in. 

Richie and I had a pizza break to celebrate moving in after more than 2 years of talking about it.

Then I sorted out my wardrobe. I even organised it into sections so I can find things a lot easier. 

Then I sorted out my Make-Up side drawers, putting things in depending on their levels of importance followed by putting in another load of washing. Adulting levels are high today. 

As I mentioned, Friday was the day that I officially moved in. I finished work at 1pm and then cycled across town to be there for our fridge/washing machine delivery. After that I spent the next five hours unpacking, cleaning, binning, recycling, building, you name it, to make it into my new home. Then it was time to go out for an impromptu night out...which I really couldn't be bothered with.

I don't know what it is but going out doesn't appeal to me any more. It's just not as exciting as it was when I was younger and I care more about how much money I'm spending than the memories I'm spending it on. What I really want to do if grab some friends and go camping for a night, go to the beach or a festival, or host more parties. They are always so much more fun that crawling around the same old pubs. Or expand my friend group. I honestly love my friends but some fresh faces might liven it up a bit.

On Friday, I got all dressed up and managed to stay in town around an hour. Dannii and I were off to meet a few people in town that had already been out in town with work (Jamie starts his new job on Monday and so they were saying their goodbyes) and so he was completely gone. He was so drunk he was practically asleep at the table and I took him home because I'm not an a-hole that would let a drunk person wander off into the night.

It was still a good night though. I saved £40 and a rancid hangover the next day and Jamie, although irritating when drunk, somehow became cute and made me laugh. He got emotional over a tray as he wanted to cook pizza. He searched high and low all over the flat for this tray before realising that it was already in the oven. Then after putting in pizza to cook, he forgot all about the pizza and upon realising that there was pizza cooking, thought there were higher powers at play. 

When I reminded him the next day he said he was joking. I'm not so sure.

Saturday we showed Jamie's Mum, cousin and Auntie around the flat and made a mental list of things we needed to make it look more like a home. I wore my brand new yellow polka dot dress mentioned in this blog post. 

I also had matching socks. Jamie's family kept joking about how you couldn't lose me in a crowded area :')

The only thing is that it was a size too big and the belt kept curling over and annoying me. I love the style and colour though and my Mum's friend is taking it in for me so I don't have to spend money sending it back and replacing it. I adore it. I can also redo the Snow White outfit I blogged about here.

Another item of clothing I am infatuated with, which was also mentioned in yellow polka dot blog post, is the black half pencil skirt. It makes my big butt look good. I don't care if that's vain, having a big butt causes so many problems so when you have a good butt day, you have to encase yourself  in it.

After exploring the flat, we returned to Jamie's Mum's for food and games. 

Jamie's Sister Sarah makes the best Fajitas. I offered to help but I have no kitchen skills. I make a mean omelette though.

I also watched the boys play cricket. I'm not a huge sports fan. I feel that unless it's live and you're absorbing all of the atmosphere then you're just watching a whole lot of nothing for the few seconds of action that does happen. 

I learned a few things watching them play. What a LBW is, when to shout 'out' and how to say "How's that?" in a ridiculous manner. It made me want to dress up and go and see a live cricket match (something I used to do as a child with my Grandfather before he moved away), get a glass of something chilled and shout monstrosities whilst wearing sunglasses, even if it's raining/cloudy/not sunny.

Some of the photo's I took of them mid action were hilarious.

After cricket, and a plethora of alcohol and food, it was time for Pictionary! 

I always team up with Jamie's Mum and Auntie, and Jamie and his Cousin go against us. This means that we always lose. I vote there is some not so ethical playing going on but I haven't proven anything just yet.

This is a slipper :') 

After all of the fun and games it was time to leave Jamie to have some family time and finish off the move. 

It was also the day that my new tiara arrived! 

It small and more subtle than the others that I own. I really want to wear it everywhere, including work.

I've been wearing it all day, a little flat warming present to myself, and whilst doing the cleaning and washing clothes. I've really felt like Cinderella, ya know, minus being locked away and used as a slave by an evil step family.

The yellow dress is from here.

The 'good butt' skirt, leggings, socks and mermaid shoes I blogged about here. 

 photo 533520737063518120715_zps9uwv1vbb.png

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