Cinderella Story feat The Princess and The Frog

I've just blogged about the reasons for my recent disappearance. Adulthood. Does it ever get fun?

Anyway, I decided to make an art project which turned into two and then another person joining in. Adulthood was briefly fun.

It was originally inspired by this blog post and the beautiful Jenna, who writes over at Princess Parasox, when she said that her favourite Disney character was Tiana from Princess and the Frog and that I should wear an outfit inspired by her. Well, I sorta did.

Admittedly, I got far too carried away in the craft and it turned out to be loosely inspired by Princess Tiana. 

It was originally supposed to go like this... 

and ended up like this...

The pearls wouldn't play ball. Still love it though.

I didn't make the corset but my blood, sweat and tears went into that tutu. 

Simply get some elastic, cut it to your waist size, get a few metres of netting (I think I used about 7), shred it into strips and then tie it (like a shoe lace) around the elastic. It's so addicting. Then sew on the bits and bobs that you fancy! 

After I finished, I got Jess hooked onto making them.

To make a tutu, one must first become the tutu.

Hers is inspired by Disney Character Rapunzel in Tangled! It looks amazing but isn't finished yet so I can't blog about it :'(

We need to throw a butt load of Disney Princess fancy dress parties to wear all of the tutu's we have plans of making.

Whilst she was making her tangled skirt, I decided to make a cinderelle-esque styled one.

The photo's do not capture the beauty of these tutus'. I'm genuinely really proud that I made an art project that actually worked out!

Also, I knew my tiara collection would come in useful one day!

What have you crafted lately?

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  1. Oh my god, it's gorgeous!
    Thankyou so much for actually making the items - I am sufficiently jealous.

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. You're so welcome! I actually had so much fun making the costume! Now I need an excuse to wear it! aha! Thank you for being my inspiration <3