Growing Up Series: Bad Neighbours

It's been almost a week now, we've all moved in a settled and the 'new flat' feeling has washed over.

We've all annoyed each other at some point as we are wholly individual personalities that do things completely differently. For example, I wash my clothes on a Friday and fill one airer, Rob washes every day, part because he has to and part because that's what he's used to. Our methods annoy each other but none of us will change for the other.

Another thing we came to realise last night is that our neighbours are awful. I couldn't even make up the craziness that we have had to entail so far. 

They live above us and so they pass us to go upstairs and their balcony door is above our door to the outside (we're ground floor). The first thing that we discovered was that they don't work. The bang around all hours and are constantly hanging out with different friends. This isn't a major problem, I mean they could have illnesses or anything that cause them not to work or they could be on a prolonged holiday, I'm not one to judge someones lifestyle but when they sound like a stampeding heard of elephants at 2am, they need to realise that we do work.

Another is that they do drugs. At our flat party they developed a habit of hanging off their balcony to see what we're doing. At this point they were throwing half smoked joints all over the front of our flat and offering my friends if they wanted to get high. Nice. The amount of times I've disposed of smoked joints and butts is actually vile. Also, whenever they're stood above me smoking, it's like they aim to drop things on my head. They've taken ash blonde and added a whole new meaning to it.

Outside our flat and all over the car park grounds are these horrible spikey bushes. Our neighbours have a habit of throwing their empty wine bottles into it, which in turn impales us with splinters and spikes.

Last night was the first time they've directly made contact. Well, their drunken friend did. I went outside for a cigarette and as I was the only smoker (Richie wasn't here) and I was scrolling Social Media when I heard this voice "Scuse me, Av just seen u take a photoooooo n so as ma m8." 

I was originally on Facebook and then clicked on my Snapchat app which opened up on my thumb face for precisely 3 seconds before I started looking at my friends' stories. The actual Snapchat screen was full of my big ass forehead and my gross roots, I would have to position it perfectly to capture a photo of them and they're so high up you couldn't even see them. Also, he was stood completely alone when he slurred this but mainly, why the fuck would I want a photo of some random strangers that I have never met? 

Apart from the impending doom of having these people as my neighbours for at least the next year, we have all settled in really well. As I write this blog post, Jamie and I (mainly Jamie) are sorting out the last few bits for the flat. We're removing the excess boxes and suitcases that are no longer required and finding everything a home. 

We had a few friends round last night as Rob declared he was bored and everyone was too tired to make actual plans. It was all good fun, takeaway pizza and a crate of lager. I have this thing where I like to put snacks out at parties, mainly because I get really hungry when I'm drunk but last night I actually fell asleep on the couch just before midnight. Adulting is exhausting.

Craig brought round fairy cakes. He knows me so well :')

Jamie and I had our first shopping trip! It was amazing that we spent as little money as possible and still filled the fridge and cupboards. Tonight, I'm stepping away from the pizza and noodle only diet and making Fajitas. If I don't buy the spice then it will become chicken and bacon wraps with salad. Ha! I've made progress.

Jamie's Mum and Auntie also bought us this. How cute is it? I'm excited for our adventure to continue.

Next stop. Planning a holiday!

Have you got any nasty neighbour stories to share?

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