Outfit of the Week - THAT Dress #2, The Breakfast Club and The Fed Up Cyclist.

Lately, I've been really into fashion and experimentation. All of the boys have moved in pretty much (Jamie is officially moving in on Friday) and so I have had three extra people to tell me if my outfit is yay or nay. Of course none of them actually give a shit but they get into it because the faster they answer, the faster I go away, quite frankly.

My top three outfits so far this week are:

1. The Freebie.

Jess came over to stay for a couple of night's with Richie as he moved in and approached me saying that I could have this gorgeous flowery dress. Her exact words were; "I look like a sausage, I think you'll look better." 

Not being photogenic at a time like this is devastating. Justice has not been served for the beauty that is THIS dress.

2. The Fed Up Cyclist.

People are constantly seeing a huge metal machine cycling towards the space next to them and then WALKING IN FRONT OF IT. Drivers tell us to get on the path, pedestrians tell us to get on the road. The Highway Code dictates that a cyclist can ride on either, obviously rules apply. 

Try and ignore me now. Also, yes that is a toilet selfie, aha! I really dislike my new route to work. It used to be a lovely cycle through nature, the woods, next to the river. Now, it's up and down every hill imaginable, through the town centre and passed a residential and a college area. It sucks :'(

3. The Breakfast Club

I really love this outfit. Or more the blazer as it goes with EVERYTHING. 

I originally bought it for a night out but it wasn't appropriate and then I shoved it in the cupboard thinking I'd never find the opportunity to wear it. And it's two sizes too big because I'm a moron but I actually really like the over-sized look.

So many toilets in this blog post. 

Jamie and I also realised that we were wearing really similar clothing today. Awks. We look cool and are apparently one of THOSE couples.

So that sums up my favourite outfits of the week. Apart of experimenting with fashion and moving in...still, we really are a slow bunch, I've started a new project! I decided to make a tutu and a tiara, 'The Princess and the Frog' inspired. I have cut out some felt so far. I've been really tired, don't judge me. 

As I've been planning face paints and arts projects, Jamie got his creative juices flowing and built himself a wardrobe. I attempted to help but in reality I sat really close to him, took photos and played Diner Dash. 

Jamie ended up wearing my joggers for comfort and we also didn't have a hammer. Creative juices ;)

After an incident free building of the wardrobe, I smashed a bowl and Jamie sliced his finger on a kitchen knife. We've been living together for less than a week and Jamie hasn't even properly moved in yet. Our adventures are going well so far :')

My parents came round for dinner on Monday and that's the first and last meal I will probably ever have in this flat. If you follow me on any form of Social Media, but in particular Instagram, then you will realise that I have lived off pizza and noodles ever since moving in. I really can't cook. I get bored and I don't have a clue. Thunderthighs4lyf.

My parents bought me supplies. They know me so well.

I need to buy some proper food and soon! I also need to return to healthy eating. I've been so sluggish lately.

To finish off this rather cluttered post: an awesome flat warming gift for the flat off Jamie's Mama and Auntie.

They're nautical themed! They were originally for the bathroom but they don't quite fit. I really want to turn them into my make-up/crafts drawers but we have to decide as a team. They are now going in my bedroom though ;) 

I basically bought every article of clothing from Primark apart from the neon giraffe leggings and heart cardigan which were purchased online :) 

What outfits have you posted about lately? Link me below!

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