Cookie Cake Hybrids and Autumn Lips Wishlisting.

I do this thing where I fixate and become obsessed with things. I got really obsessed with costume making but I live with three guys in a modest sized flat and so had no room to continue with this obsession and then I developed it with face painting (which I still love to do) but found that I didn't have the time or the photogenic-ness to be able to do this all the time either. Also, skin that reacts to things- a lot. 

When I lived with my parents, we didn't have the time, space or resources to cook or bake things to the capacity that I do now. We had a really small kitchen and my parents would come in from work, cook a quick meal and then chill and go to sleep. My brother slept downstairs and worked at 4am with my Dad so when they were done, I couldn't then go down and bake or cook to my hearts content.

Due to this, I believe 22 years of not being able to bake in the family home (they never stopped me, as I said it was just not as available as it is to me now), I have become a baking Queen. My three flat mates don't mind, as stated in yesterday's blog post, they have access to free cookies and cakes majority of the time. 

Today, I accidentally made hybrids! 

My parents learned of my new domestic Goddess-ness and so kindly bought me some essentials that I had been missing. 

I was originally making cookies and then last minute decided that I wanted to try out my new cake tin. The result - cookie-cake hybrids. Hard cookie on the outside and soft cake mixture on the in!

They taste pretty good, the texture is definitely something new and they look okay. They are quite fun to play with too.

After all of the fun I had with baking hybrids, I then sat down and thought about the make-up list I need for Wednesday. With my new love for purple and dark reds, Autumn and the fact that most of my make-up is outdated, this Pay-day I am going make-up shopping! (Jamie banned me from clothes shopping.)

I have come up with the Ultimate Autumn Wishlist. The title suggests it revolves around my lips but I found a new foundation that I want to try too!

In no particular order...

1. Jeffree Star - I'm Royalty 

I've been lusting after Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks for a while. Still obsessed with Jaw Breaker too and now that I have blue hair, I want it even more.

2. Black Moon Cosmetics - Deranged 

These guys are brand spanking new and already being associated with two of my favourite people on the interweb.

One of those people being Steven Joseph. Writer/Musician and all around enthusiast. Also a genuinely beautiful person inside and out.

I adore this shade and look at the packaging! 

Image: Facebook

3. Manic Panic Vampire Red Matte Lipstick  

 Another thing that drew me into this was the packaging. I love lipstick that doesn't just come in plain tubes. 

4. MAC Cosmetics - Cyber

I am yet to own any MAC Cosmetics. It's one of those things that I've longed to do since I was a little girl watching my Mother put on her make-up and because it's such an old dream, I think I'm scared of being disappointed. It's like the theory of meeting your favourite celebrity. Apparently it's ill advised because they will probably break your heart being a massive douche. (Gerard Way called his kid Bandit, he cannot be a massive douche on those grounds alone.) 

Image: MAC

5. Purple Poison / Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 

These guys first of all sound cool as fuck. Self proclaimed vegan producers have made a lipstick that can alter to a pinkish shade in the light. (Most lipsticks probably do but it's nice that they use this as a selling point.)

6. Collection: Aubergine Kiss

This one was recommended in a chat I came across on Twitter and the shade looks better than the name suggests. (A guy I know is a chef that specialises in Aubergine dishes, I know, I didn't know they were that popular either.)

Image: Collection

7. Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer

I am a self-proclaimed number one fan of Rimmel. Most of my Make-Up kit is Rimmel Products and a product that I will forever swear by is the Provocalips collection. (Blogged about here). 

This product has the whole assortment for me. Catchy title, lovely shades, low price and the packaging. (I need it to look good in my bag as well as on my face.)

I am also in love with lipsticks that are liquid to matte. 

Image: Boots 

That about covers the lipsticks that I have come across and desire to purchase, re-home and fall in love with but if you have more suggestions then please put them in the comments box below so that I can check them out! 

Last but not least and semi-related (I started this post about baking so you're probably used to my eclectic personality and ramblings), a foundation that I want but can't justify spending the money on. 

I'm frugal. I'm in a relationship with a man and a frie-lationship with my best friend who are both insanely good at saving money. They have thousands saved in the bank and still live pretty good lifestyles. Their tip, save for months and then have a massive splurge because by then you will have built up interest. Also, multiple bank accounts. Without access to it, you can't blow it.

I'm alright at saving. I have savings, I'm never without and have a decent job but my taste in everything is expensive. I want every Hell Bunny dress I have ever come across and have fallen in love with a mansion in my town. No biggie, only a cool couple of mill. 

But of course, I am not rich. I have a flat to pay for, a job that is on a fixed term basis and specified qualifications because I'm a dickhead. All of these things prevent me from spending this much on foundation. I usually attempt to buy each product of make-up for under a tenner. The brands I go for are high quality at least. 

Another MAC product. Probably the fear of disappointment preventing me here also.

Number 8: MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

I also struggle to find my correct face shade and have sensitive skin sometimes. Yes, sometimes. Sometimes I can go months without a breakout and use every product under the Sun but then all of a sudden, I will have a breakout and everything wants to hurt me.
Image: MAC

What's your opinion of Mac? Do you have an Autumn or Make-Up Wishlist? Link me below or tweet me so I can check them out! 

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