Lazy Sundays

I've entitled this post lazy Sunday but it's been the most productive one for several months. It's probably because I'm not sleeping off a hangover. I should be ashamed of that.

After the first blog post of today, my Dad popped around for a cup of tea and to drop some stuff off. He had that look in his eye. The one that he used to have when he told me off for being naughty as a child. Now, I don't live with my parents any more and I haven't done anything to embarrass them (at least lately) so I gave him the "what you on about?" glare that used to be a common theme between us.

He then told me that we're going to see my Grandparents in October. They're getting older and they're convinced they won't live much longer so we're making the trip down South for some much needed family time. 

He then said (still donning the 'you're in shit' look) "I want you to dye your hair black." Like, woah, woah, Pops, let's back up a bit. I spent a lot of money and time (well over a year) getting my hair to the perfect shade of white to put bright colours in my hair. And blue does not come out easily! I'm finally happy with my hair. It's the perfect shade of blue with elements of green that makes me one step closer to being a mermaid (not really) without all of the horror and gore (I've seen the trailer of Tusk. Like, I know it's about a Walrus and it's fictional but COME ON.) 

He then settled with 'a suitable colour.' Blue IS a suitable colour to me. Instead of me faking being who I'm not, we should encourage different generations to adapt to the 21st century. But on the other hand I don't want to be responsible for my Grandparents early demise. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I could buy a wig. It's five weeks away, maybe I'll be bored of the blue by then.

"We're off to your Grandparents. Don't look stupid." - Dad. Blue hair and Netflix and Chill is so appropriate. I haven't told them I live unmarried with three men either. Or that I smoke. 

I adore this tee. I'm still debating how appropriate it is for work. I mean, people walk around in half naked ladies and you have to have a specific mind set to know what this means. Who doesn't love Netflix and Chilling, right?!

After the initial shock of my Dad's request, I had bursts of energy. I need to feel like this during the week when I actually have to be productive. I decided to spend the afternoon cleaning the flat (we clean so much), wash all of my clothes (this is when I realise that I own too many, and majority aren't appropriate for anything), bake some cakes and mess around with some face paints.

Okay, so I totally cheated. I didn't make a cake from scratch but I did make two from the box and they taste amazing! We don't have all the equipment or the room to actually make cakes and it doesn't come around often enough that any of us make something. Richie has a draw full of microwave chips, I have a cupboard full of noodles and Jamie is fond of breaded chicken/turkey and pasta. We're not very 'Jamie Oliver' per say.

Anyway, they turned out really well! I didn't overdo the ingredients (because I never measure anything) and I didn't overcook/undercook them! Bonus points for not poisoning anyone too.

Today I chose the Zesty Lemon and Fairy cakes.

I overfilled the tin for the lemon drizzle cake and so ended up tearing off the excess and eating it. The result is that it looks wonky but it tastes so good! 

The cupcakes remind me of the ones I used to get in Primary school. Ohhhhh cheap nostalgia. 

After baking cakes, I was still bursting with energy and had ran out of stuff to do. I scrolled Social Media for a while and was inspired to paint my face. I didn't want to go too 'out there' because I couldn't be bothered to get changed and do my hair so I went for the simple 'Dummy' look.

I creeped out all of my flat mates and impressed Jamie which was good fun. Jess couldn't stop laughing at me and Richie was all "I really worry about you sometimes." Haha!

It was so hard to try and not laugh. I need to start recording people's reactions. They make my day.

I have a big ass fucking forehead. This look would have been so much more effective if I'd have bothered to dress up and do my hair. I may redo it if I end up adopting the dark hair to visit my Grandparents. Back comb it to absolute death, get a bow tie, a blazer, work on the eyes a little and add some fake blood with a crisp white shirt. Halloween ideas!

What did you get up to today?

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, Gillie!
    I'm feeling under the weather today so will be making a roast dinner with lots of veggies and drinking lots of water.

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