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Payday was the Friday before the Bank Holiday and work was ever so stressful so I thought that I would pop into town for some retail therapy. Much to my dismay, the shops were transitioning between Summer and Autumn so I ended up (first time ever) going home empty handed because I strongly disliked everything on sale.

After work today, and to celebrate the fact that I passed my third month probation at work, I decided to head down into town and try again. 

I was all of a sudden like a kid in a candy shop. I've started a collection of cheesy hype tees and pencil skirts. The pencil skirts are office essential, the cheesy hype tee is because I like to laugh at myself and it's always a talking point. (If you sat next to someone in an office who had blue hair, a blue cardigan and an emoji tee on, would you not stare at them/try and talk to them? I mean, I look like this on a regular basis).

So keeping my classy/trashy vibes strong, I purchased these...

I've started a pencil skirt collection because they are sooooo comfortable and they make my huge butt look good :')

I love this outfit so much. Office Trashique. Although it may be a bit too inappropriate/translucent to wear to the office.

The pink dress was purchased so I can look all girly and pretty for lunch with the Boyfriend's Mama tomorrow. She hasn't yet seen my blue hair. I haven't seen much of her since we moved out :( The details in the top section is really what makes this dress stand out for me.

I really need to buy a new mirror.

Speaking of Netflix and Chill Hype Tee arrived! It's my new saying and I've had to explain what it means to many people that I know, including my darling boyfriend who replied with "we don't watch Netflix, we go on YouTube, we YouTube and chill!" 

I really annoyed him last night because he was telling me to go and get a shower so we could watch Killer Kids (it's our addiction) and get an early-ish bed time for work. I decided to put on my tutu and Netflix and Chill tee before running around the flat showing everyone. I swear I'm an adult. 

The boys are off to Malia next week and Richie will be working. I'm going to walk around in my bra and tutu, screeching Taylor Swift songs at the top of my lungs, drunk on wine. It's going to be beautiful.

It's okay, my neighbours already hate me.

Everything was hauled at Primark apart from Netflix and Chill which you can purchase here!

What Trashy clothing do you own? Link me below!

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