Swallow the Ocean

I've been feeling so much happier lately. Autumn has arrived and after a week of denial (I didn't get to go to the beach or the river this year because we all had work commitments), I have embraced the cold seasons coming in.

Autumn is actually my favourite season. It' all about Halloween, Bonfire Night, ginger bread/pumpkin everything and the lead up to Christmas. I am also a fan of dark nights. I don't live near a beach or anything that requires constant sunshine so love nothing more than hearing the rain hit the window on a dark night, curled up on the couch with fluffy pajamas and some form of hot drink, full of junk food. Also, I love the crunch of the leaves as I walk somewhere and seeing the seasons/colours change. Around this time of the year you really 'feel' the Earth change around you. It's one of my ultimate treasured feelings and it's so refreshing. Taking a breath of fresh air on a cold day can make you feel ready to take on the world. Another precious thing is the art that you can create in the colder months. Creating collages and paint prints with the leaves and making conker necklaces that no-one will ever wear. 

Yesterday was family day for Jamie and I and the day I noticed that I don't own anything remotely suitable for the colder months. At my Parents house I have a coat and I own three thick cardigans but that's about it. My Nana used to make me jumpers every year but I'm not a fan of them now. I feel that wearing thick jumpers makes me look frumpy and someone once asked how far gone I was because it made my stomach look thrice as big as it actually was as it was not flattering to my plus size figure in the slightest. 

 As I had just gone clothes shopping and took looking good over being warm, I dressed up in my new pink dress (blogged about here) to go to Lunch with Jamie's family and coffee with mine. 

I got all dressed up and then he got into 'cleaning mode' ( he calls himself the flat housewife) and so I scrubbed a toilet dressed up to the nines. I pretended I was in some lame music video which made it kind of cool.

After getting dolled up and then cleaning the flat with Jamie, I asked him when he was getting ready and when we had to leave. He then said that he was ready and I immediately felt over dressed for the occassion.

For example, my attire verses Jamie's attire.

He wore a track suit :')

Lunch with his Mama and Sister was exceptional. It was a nice break from routine and I haven't seen them in nearly a month as Jamie and I now live together so I have no valid reason to just stop by any more. 

I used to go over the Jamie's Mama's Wednesday and Weekends for well over a year and a half and it was so weird going in and being a guest. I mean, I was always a guest but I couldn't rock up in my Pyjamas and help myself to cereal and coffee any more like the old days. 

I didn't get any photos because it would have been a bit rude to pull my phone out mid conversation. We had a favourable sunday dinner. I love his Mum and Sister's cooking. Sarah is the one who made me obsessed with Fajita's. I despise her slightly because she cooks the most perfect meat filled fajita's and she doesn't even eat meat, whereas I'm still striving to make fajita's like the one's I blogged about here.

After coming back from the Parent filled day, I was full of energy with nothing to do. As I kept commenting on how cold it was getting (I really need to go Winter clothes shopping) I was thinking about how disappointing it was that we hadn't visited a beach this year. The boys are off on holiday so they weren't too bothered but the beach is my favourite place. When I'm stressed out, people at work and in my life always comment about taking five minutes to myself and thinking of my safe place. It used to be my boyfriend's old bedroom but now we have a joint bedroom so that doesn't work any more, now it's imagining me just sat on an empty beach. Not even holiday resort style, just sat, admiring the view, listening to waves and absorbing the smells and sounds around me.

This inspired me to create mermaid vibes with my make-up. I still haven't perfected the look and scared the shit out of all of my flat mates so all in all it was good fun.

The look was loosely inspired by one of my favourite make-up artists, Penelope Gwen - or Pennold as she goes by. Of course I am nowhere near as good and don't attempt to be and she is a super photogenic, gorgeous pro at this. 

You can follow/look at Pennold here

The best part was my flat mate's reaction. 

I'm currently working on some new outfits, like this mermaid skirt, and plan to go all out making over my face and dressing up in fancy dress. I want to throw more themed flat parties but I take like three days to get over any form of alcohol consumed because I suck.

All about those mermaid vibes.

After a busy day family-ing and being creative, I was all tired out. I was originally writing this blog post when Jess came in and suggested a giant game of flat mate monopoly. Jamie and I used to play Monopoly all the time so you would think I would have some skills. I ended up majorly bankrupt and selling Mayfair, Richie kept going to Jail and Jamie power tripped (as per) and won (again). It was so much fun. I love when the flat hang out together. During the working week we tend to just individually go about our way, saying hello as we pass and locking ourselves away in our bedrooms to prepare for work again.

Today, I woke up mixed emotions. I was still in a happy mood but had suffered vivid nightmares the night before. I think I need to stop watching Killer Kids and drinking caffeine before bed. 

My nightmare was so strange. I was fired from my job, my two personal assistants (I don't even have one personal assistant) hated me and quit their job (one was a puppet rat) and I went to a weird looking pub to drown my sorrows (not dressed for the occasion which made it worse) and none of my friends or associates were staying at this pub. Also, everyone just threw their purses and bank cards loosely behind the bar which was super weird and I kept drinking Fireball. I haven't had Fireball in forever. 

After the initial waking up thinking I had no job and melting down about how I was going to pay my rent before getting cuddled better from my boyfriend (he can be so sweet sometimes), I realised that I was okay, for once in my life I was totally okay. Then I got up, wasted my life for two hours (blogged actually, totally not a waste), made some noodles and now I'm going to spend the rest of the day continuing my skirt project and making cakes! I'm thinking cornflake cake, quick and simple.

Do you have any mermaid inspired looks?

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