Boots/Superdrug Haul and embarking on new adventures

The thing about Adult Hood is that you never get a break. There's always something happening whether big or small and if nothing happens for a prolonged period of time, then something big is coming. This isn't always bad but it's definitely keeping me on my toes. 

I passed Probation at work! Now, anyone who has read this blog or followed my Social Media accounts for a long(ish) time knows that I can't delve into the details of my job for Data Protection reasons. I'd love to say I was some sort of FBI agent or something super cool but no, to put it basically I have an office job in finance. Sounds quite dull and a bit unusual for someone with qualifications in Media and Journalism but I actually love it. 

I get to flexi to work my own hours (to a certain extent), I get to grab coffee and take a phone call when I need to and as long as I hit deadlines and what is required of the job, they're pretty cool people to work for. I mean, I have blue hair. Not a lot of professional people take kindly to people with unnaturally coloured hair but they think it's cool that I walk around with neon blue hair and tartan leggings on. 

I have a fixed term contract which is a lot more secure than probationary period but I have decided to take the very adult leap of faith and apply for permanent. It's not easy to get (is any job?) But I'm going for it. The positive out of the negative if I fail is that I tried and can try again because I'll still have a job, at least until my contract ends.

So I've spent the day updating my CV and visiting my parents. I ate junk food and then fell really ill so had to return home. I'm feeling a little better and have a super cute Jamie to take care of me.

Jamie and I are also about to embark on a new adventure. I'm not talking babies and marriage, that's not in any way our cup of tea although we are going on a holiday next year, but we are about to step out into the adult world, erm, some more? I'm not going to reveal it just yet because that could curse us (I'm very superstitious and I believe in fate...and holding a grudge) but when it all comes into play, I will be dedicating a whole blog post it. 

My week has been very eventful. To start, I attempted to make a chicken pie...and failed miserably. 

Jamie doesn't like a lot of the ingredients that it takes to make a pie and then I couldn't be bothered (it was my first day back at work) to wait an hour for the chicken to cook so it turned into a sausage pie. It sounds disgusting, right? It really was. I am proud that I made my own pastry though! That was the good part, until we tasted the filling and then binned the lot.

Appropriate decoration for a sausage pie, right? 

Jamie ended up eating this for his dinner.

I'm still proud of my efforts. When I first moved out I lived on noodles and anything microwaveable. Now, I cook every day and always seek new challenges. I'm just much better at baking cakes and sweet treats rather than savoury dishes. 

The day I got told that I passed probation just happened to fall the day after pay day. So I excused my shopping addiction as a well deserved treat and bought myself some new make-up.


I adore it when Dannii and I go shopping but sometimes, when in need of specific things, I like to be by my little psychotic self and treat it like a mission. I put in my headphones and march around the shop like I'm a detective in search of clues. 

I blew a day's wages in under an hour and I don't regret any of it.

I went to Boots first and was a little disappointed as they didn't have in many new collections. I still purchased the foundation that I wanted, a press powder recommended by a colleague (the same one that got me into Provocalips) and a purple lipstick that I'm still sort of getting used to (I'm very funny about lip products and there sustainability). 

The foundation so far is brilliant. It's full coverage and has covered my breakout (due to the stresses of every day life) and the powder was a great finishing touch. I plan to do a proper make-over and review each item I use in a separate blog post some time this week.

Although, blue hair and purple lipstick is my new favourite thing.

After my mini-haul I went to check out what Superdrug had to offer and it saved the day!

In my last blog post, I wrote a detailed wish list of what lipsticks I desired and I actually found one! 

I bought the Apocalips Lip Lacquer. So far it seems pretty good. I trust Rimmel and it is definitely my number one for lip products. The spplicator has a small semi-circular dent in it so one swipe on the bottom lip and one swipe on the top lip seems like enough product to wear. 

I also fed into my neon eye needs and purchased a smaller palette, easier to carry when on the move. 

I've been pretty busy lately so haven't had chance to play with it yet.

My hair, although I keep it top up with blue real-ness, hasn't been treated to it's usual hair cut and oil recently so I decided to give it a break from life with these beauties.

Although for the health of my hair I still need a good trim, it has stopped further damage from previous bleaching (roots, damn them), split ends and heat applied directly to my hair. I even got the bottom oils on offer, 2 for £6.00. 

Jamie tells me off for buying stuff at the til and yet I continue to do so. They position this stuff around the til for easily pleased idiots likes myself. But I still don't regret it.

I've been walking around smelling like a giant marshmallow for days.

I bought these in Boots for a pound each but heard that they go in Asda for as little as 79p. May have to haul Imperial Leather products for Christmas. 

Ending the make-up haul is something that I purchased on Ebay for £3.15 (RRP £6.99). 

I left this off my wishlist because I didn't know it existed and unless specifically searched for, neither does Google. Good old make-up obsessed colleague of mine.

Provocalips 'Kiss Fatal.' It's so beautiful :'( 

I will forever swear by this product and almost have the full collection. They need to release more! 

After my first week back at work, my Dad decided to take me shopping and have a Daddy/Daughter day. I finished work early and then we headed to Matalan and straight to the sale rail. He was working nights all through September so we rarely get to hang out just us two since I moved out.

I bought this beautiful number. It was discounted from £20.00 to £8.00! 

A girl can never own enough dresses. Especially one that feels the need to post Outfits on Instagram as often as possible. Hopefully one day I'll get paid to do shit like that.

I also bought a very Autumn vibes checked shirt. Is it just me that associated checked shirts with Autumn? Possibly. Well I tend to only wear them around Autumn time. I have no idea why.

I adore the versatility of shirts like this. You can wear it buttoned up, with leggings, with jeans, with skirts, tucked in, hanging out, undone. So many options. Mine tend to be limited due to my big ass booty but I still love wearing it.

I spent the weekend baking Caramel Slices which, if you stay tuned, I'm about to blog about. I was originally going to tag it to this post but it needs it's own dedication and it'll be easier for people to use as a recipe guide. 

That's life so far. It's not too bad. How's yours been?

Have you hauled any make-up lately? Link me below!

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