6 Months On....

Good morning world!

It has been such a long time since I blogged. I did feel bad, I missed it but now I am back and better than ever!

So, why did I leave? Which reason do you want first? Aha!

First of all, I was going through a lot of stuff in my personal life which took me away from blogging and I pushed a lot of friends away and just became a bit of a general c*nt. I cut off poisonous people and went to therapy, I started taking meds and going to my GP. I had a lot of arguments on and off the internet (with people I know) and my personality changed dramatically (for the better). I wasn't ready to talk about it but 6 months on... I am.

I should start from the beginning. If you followed my blog around July to October you may remember that I moved out with my boyfriend, my best friend and his best friend. (If you don't, I blogged about it throughout so go and check that out). Well, that was a bad idea. 

I had to take myself away from blogging because I was so angry that I was ready to dedicate 50 blog posts solely to slagging them off. Mature, I know, but I was new at this, I was in my overdraft, I didn't know what career I wanted (I still don't but I care less because at least I'm working), I didn't get on with my family and all I had was this new adventure. Maybe I invested too much into the idea that friends are loyal? I definitely watched too many movies growing up.

So...what happened?

The place was a shit hole. When four unrelated people move in together, they require a HMO - Housing Multiple Occupancy in order to legally live together. Jamie and I were the only ones that really looked for properties anyway and with full time jobs, it got really stressful to deal with. We were offered a nice flat by a Chinese man and his wife and it seemed too good to be true. Because it was.

Soon after we moved in, we realised that our working patterns were far too different. Mine and Jamie's were great, leaving at 6.30am and coming back around 4pm, cooking our tea and doing whatever we wanted to. Richie worked night shift which meant that he lived his life opposite to ours and we both had to be quiet for each other 24/7. Rob was in between, he worked rota work so could be on any shift at any time. 

(I won't go into more detail about the arguments (or pubegate) because it took a lot of will power to not write and post those 50 shitty ones and I'm here for closure, not to bring up the past. I want to close that chapter in my life and continue my journey whilst continually culling the toxic people and leading a happy life.)

After this. the mold began. It was horrendous and all of a sudden, my landlord 'forgot' how to speak English. We told him what we needed doing and it never materialised. We all fell ill and our personalities continued to clash and still, the landlord did nothing. 

If the mold wasn't enough, we then got a rat in our kitchen. Where there's one rat, there's about 1000 continuously breeding with each other...in our walls and ceiling. 

I think we stayed about a month longer, Jamie and I were the only ones fighting to get problems resolved. We put a lot of money and time into all of this and we were stressed, trying to keep our friendships together and trying to enjoy this awful place with this scummy landlord. 

Then, it happened.

I was in the kitchen making some caramel slices, a phase that I was really into. 

- I edited this part because one day, hopefully, we will all learn to forgive each other for what happened. I'm sick of being bitter towards something that I can never change. -

Basically, everyone moved out. 

 I was mainly bitter because I got into debt over this. I'm still in debt over this and I lost friends. Friends that were supposed to be there through thick and thin...just left. I lost my best friend and that really fucking hurts. 

6 months on and Jamie and I are better than ever and we have a decent little flat. We're going on our first holiday abroad together on Saturday and have been on loads of mini-adventures lately. (Follow my instagram to catch up on that!)

 Our current estate agents are glorified sales people so I am currently dealing with their managers, managers. I no longer let people talk down to me or make me feel less than them. If you have a problem, I simply remove you from my life.... or complain to your boss about your incompetence. 

Jamie bought me Sims 4 for my Birthday!! I adore it. I miss all the expansion packs from Sims 3 though :( Although, I find I really relate to the above.

Months later, when we signed our contract, we had to give details of our last property. The estate agents all looked on in horror and informed us all about this scummy landlord and his Mrs who leers at all of the men (she really didn't seem the type) who look like they have money or own properties and how they had been trying to sell this property because it was THAT bad.

Estate agents/Landlords are not your friends - they are glorified sales people. They don't care what kind of state you live in because they get paid regardless. I wouldn't suggest withholding the rent either (not that I have) but that would cause YOU, not the landlord/estate agent further complications and even punishments. 

So, why did I write this blog post? To stir shit? To bring it back up? No. Because it really hurts to lose your best friend and I'm getting over it.

 I'm off to Spain and returning to blogging as much as I fancy so the next post will be full of joy and adventures! 

Until next time!

Do you have any estate agent/landlord horror stories? Have you been betrayed by a friend? Comment them below because I love reading that stuff! 

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  1. Bloody hell, what a nightmare! Glad you're out of it all now though.

    I don't have quite the horror story you do but I have had my fill of house shares. My partner and I are moving out soon into our own place and I can't wait to have our own space!!

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    1. Worst experience of my life! I had to edit it as when I was in Spain, the girl I wrote about mega kicked off aha! Noone wants to hear the truth unfortunately but in a way, I'm sort of glad it happened because it made me and Jamie such a strong couple. And yayyyyy!!!! You will love living in your own little world. I couldn't live with friends or my parents ever again now :') <3