JayFerGaming 1000 Subs on YouTube!

Okay, so this is an unscheduled and completely random post but I felt the need to share it on my little slice of internet.

I have been with Jamie, alter ego JayFerGaming, for almost 2 and a half years.

Straight away, we were the weirdest couple known to human history. We aren't romantic per se, we don't plan on getting married (at least any time soon) and we repel children.

We love nothing more than coming in from work and temporarily going our separate ways to work on our blogs and vlogs and career development. We are very different people and very headstrong.

We are far from a perfect couple. We fight over who is doing the dishes and our personalities can clash. We believe that although we share a life together, we are very independent people. (We argued so much about who was buying what when shopping and who was pushing the cart that we shop together but buy our own shopping - and push our own carts.)

The first time I met Jamie, he ran away from me in the school yard.

The second, I accidentally stole his drinks on a night out so he totally hated me.

The third, I had my boobs out so he obviously fell in love with me but he left the night out to go home and work on his YouTube channel.

Many meetings later and I stole his student card. He wasn't even a student but he reacted and our love was born.

Basically, we had  a sleep over that never ended.

When we got to moving out, we needed to leave our parents places but had never considered living together as a couple. We originally were not meant to even share a bedroom but ended up doing so when we struggled to get a HMO and had a VERY snidey landlord. (Check the archives for all of that fun and bantz.)

2 and a half years in and we are actually living like a 'normal' couple, which has been a fun adventure.

A lot of people don't understand us. Well, we work so well together because we have the same differences. We want our blogs/vlogs to succeed and our energies are the same. We understand that although we live together, we aren't going to be in the same room as each other or talk for at least the next 5 hours. We get that we need to work on these things because of what we want in our lives. 

The reason for this soppy as fuck post is that I wanted to share with the world how proud I am of Jamie. He puts all of his energy into his YouTube channel and I've seen him at points where he thinks about giving it all up because he's burnt out. Jamie is not an emotional guy (think the direct opposite of my personality and you have Jamie) and so hearing/seeing this stuff is fucking awful. 

When I go through phases with my blog or career ambitions, he picks me back up again and encourages me. He has no interest in beauty or cocktails and he submits himself to be experimented on (he really didn't like those vodka slushies) and then will sit and read the post (which he most likely doesn't understand half of) because he supports me no matter what I do.

This is the reason that I love him. He may not be the romantic type who buys me chocolate or flowers randomly but he will stop what he is doing straight away to drink green tea and alcohol (both of which he doesn't like) so I can blog the recipe. He will help me in every which way to make sure that I am okay but people don't see that. They don't get why I blog or why his has a YouTube channel and they don't see how we work as a couple. 

I also admire and am inspired by how passionate/dedicated he is to his channel. He will spend hours upon hours gaming, socialising, researching, commentating, editing, writing and working so, so hard to deliver the best content to the people watching. 

Jamie has just hit 1000 Subscribers on his channel and seeing him this happy genuinely made me cry. But this is it. This is us as a couple. You may not see us carrying around bridal magazines and pampers any time soon but you will see us sat around on YouTube and Blogspot supporting each other and our endeavors, celebrating each success and picking each other back up from every 'failure.'

As he hit 1000 subscribers, he completely suprised me by thanking me publicly in a video which, to me, was the equivalent of Patrick Verona singing to Kat Stratford in '10 Things I Hate About You'.

This is an appreciation post. To say keep doing what you're doing and never change who you are for anyone. I love you because you are exactly the way you are and I appreciate all of the little (and big) things that you do for me. I may not be the biggest gaming/F1 fan, but I learn so much from watching you make this channel happen. 

Congratulations on hitting 1000 subs, my love. Also, thanks for the shout out :')

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20 Important Life Lessons That Mean Girls Has Taught Us

If you haven't seen Mean Girls then you have been living under a rock, Jamie I'm looking at you, as it is much a staple part of our culture now as it was when it was released back in 2004.

I have always found this film relatable (I was 11 when it was released and all through my teenage years religiously watched this film) to an extent and even learned a few life lessons from it which I shall be sharing with you. 

Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Watching Mean Girls

1. Being with your friends is healthy.

I am such a hermit. I prefer to finish work, get in my comfy joggers and 'Netflix and Chill' Tee and chill with a glass or two of something preferably alcoholic. I find making plans and more-so, seeing those plans through, moderately stressful although I always end up having the best time. 

I'm 23 and should be going on regular mate dates with my BFF and nights out with my little group.

Real life is kind of like Sims, if you neglect them for too long, the friendship may fade. (Can tell which game I've been obsessing over lately.)

Mean Girls shows the trials and tribulations of friendships down to a tee. If not slightly dramatised for cinematic effect. When I was in school, it was life or death though. (Or at least it felt that way.)

Credit: Paramount Pictures 

2. It's healthy to argue 

I personally hate confrontation and it takes me a while to stand my ground with someone who is being way out of line. 

It is perfectly okay to tell someone how you feel. It is perfectly okay to tell someone that they hurt your feelings and the way they are acting is causing you distress. 

Don't be a bitch about it and cause arguments for the sake of it but if something is happening, keep your friendship strong by discussing it.

Sometimes said person doesn't realise they're doing something wrong.

Credit: Here

3. Slang will always be a thing and people need to stop being so butt hurt about it.

Bae...Fetch, same thing right? No matter how annoying you find someone's terminology or use of a word, they're going to use it regardless. It'll most likely phase itself out anyway but people who complain about slang words are more irritating than the one's who use the slang words. 

Credit: Paramount Pictures 

4. Own it and apologise 

I find this so freakin' hard. Especially if someone has done me wrong and I've taken it too far and made the situation far worse than it originally was. Sometimes, you've got to take a shot of tequila and bite down on that bitter lime before swallowing it with your pride and apologising. 

When you do this, you have diffused the situation and the ball is in their court. You can no longer be the shit person in this situation and whether you rekindle whatever it was you had, you don't have to hold on to the bad feelings or the guilt of whatever it is that you may have done.

Credit: Tumblr

5. You will never just fit into one clique

And why would you want to? At work, in my adult life and growing up I am and I was a part of many groups. This is perfectly natural because we are not all the same. If the world was full of identical clones then it would be far more boring than it is now.

Credit: PearlTrees.com

I adored the ending where the cliques all merged into each other. Of course, the realistic aspect is that cliques will always exist in some form. 

Credit: MeanGirlsWikia.com

6. We all know a Regina George

I know quite a few personally. One of my earliest forms of Regina George realness went on to study Psychology...ironically, because she was a total bitch. 

They will always exist and there is very little chance that they will get hit by a bus. Unfortunately, as life has it, we just have to get on with it. Don't feed their need and remain calm and subtly sassy to survive a Regina attack.

Credit: Buzzfeed

We also have to remember that we don't know why people are the way there are and what goes on behind closed doors. When I grew up, I sort of realised why my Regina was the way she was and it was actually really awful to hear.

7. Keep your sassy levels high

Majority of the time, offensive things are said in jest. I think I have a sense of humour but it depends what mood I'm in and how much alcohol has been consumed...and who is saying the 'joke.' Some people can rip me all day long and others look at me slightly wrong and I've taken offense. 

This is obviously a disaster for everyone involved and the onlookers. 

The best response to EVERYTHING in life is sass.

Credit: crushable.com

Plus, if you have a really good comeback and they're stumped, you win the little game and can continue your night with no arguments. 

If you don't, laugh it off. No harm, no foul.

8. Some people will hate you just because you're you

I was born a people pleaser. I always had to be liked/loved/not hated by everyone. As I grew up, this became impossible to adhere to. I had to pretend my personality DIDN'T EXIST to please some people but when we got to know each other more, I obviously couldn't repress WHO I WAS and they ended up either loving me or hating me. People compare me to Marmite a lot. You either love me or you hate me and either way, I do not give one flying fuck.

Credit: Paramount Pictures 

Kevin G...You are my Hero.

9. Don't submit to peer pressure

Although in number 1, I stated that friendships are important, it's okay to say no too. If you're tired, drained, just don't want to, then it's perfectly okay to have some alone time. 

I actually was super outgoing in school. I had many friendship groups and eventually bagged myself a boyfriend. I lost my front tooth because of a stupid game in which you're drinking a drink and then someone forces the bottom up, either causing you to down the drink or spit it out/spill it everywhere. 

Well, the absolute idiots that I hung around with, who were all older than me so should have known better, did this when I was drinking out of a can so I ended up with the can SLICING THROUGH MY TOOTH which was located at the front of my mouth.

To this day I've had a root canal, many caps and it removed with the root exposed many times. 

If only I'd stayed home that day...

You are a reflection of the people you hang out with. If your friends/family/teachers/colleagues are talking to you about it, then they're worried and so believe that you are in some sort of trouble/potential danger. They may sound naggy but it'll save you a court trip after being kicked in the head at Christmas. (Long story.)

Credit: Pinterest 

10. Don't stereotype

Okay, this movies plays to all of the stereotypes but a message in the film is to stop it. 

It's hard to not judge someone when you first meet them but it's guaranteed that you're probably completely wrong.

Plus, it's the 21st century. It's totally okay to be open with your sexuality, dye your hair neon pink and even wear crocs. 

Credit: Pinterest 

11. Be a leader. If you're confident/have high self esteem... you can pull off anything and everything...

...If not, then fuck it, do it anyway.

Like the time I dyed my hair blue, wore leopard print leggings to work. Not many people's tastes but I felt fucking fantastic. I'd still have blue hair if it didn't leak EVERYWHERE.

If you like it, do it. Someone, somewhere will think it's stupid and someone else will think it's awesome. The only opinion that actually matters is yours.

Credit: eonline.com

Credit: Puyallup.com

12. If you don't understand something, speak up about it.

I'm 23 *sips more wine* and I am still mentally scarred from my Year 5 teacher. 

I was the class clown in my Primary School. I was outgoing, funny (well), loud and I loved to write and talk. 

Due to this and the fact that the teacher hated me because my older brother, her ex student, used to miss-behave quite frequently in her class, I was always picked to read out my homework first in front of everyone.

Of course, child Gillie thrived off this!

I got all of the attention because they HAD to give it to me. What more could I ask for? 

Well...I had quite the imagination in which I would write one story but always improvise it and make it better when I was re-telling it/reading it out.

I was grassed on one day because this poor kid was terrified of her and I guess wanted brownie points, and so she screamed at me until I was covered in spit, could see all of the veins in her evil little head and I think I recall her going vivid shades of red, purple, pink and even blue.

This only mildly deterred me though. Thanks to having an older brother that was a little shit, I had tougher skin and I had been bullied relentlessly at this point for like, 5 years so it took a lot to really make me upset. 

Well, the same teacher utterly broke me.

If I didn't understand something then I would raise my hand and be all "what the fuck?" (Not really, I was a kid) but one day she bellowed down (imagine a large adult woman and a small child or matilda and Miss Trunchbull for effect) and called me stupid. This witch called a small child stupid for not understanding something. 

That has scarred me to present day. Since that moment, I have refrained from asking anything from anyone because of the sheer humiliation this C word caused me when I was young.

I saw her in Morrison's about a year ago and she still puts the fear of God into me. I heard that she retired though...thank the Universe. 

My unbelievably digressed point is "If you don't get it, speak up." I struggled a lot at University and at the start of the job I have now and it was only recently that a fab colleague of mine was like "Mate, if you don't get it, make me a cup of tea and we'll have a chat."

And now I'm obviously a pro at my job. (Not quite but we have to be positive.)

Credit: Moviefone.com

Credit: eonline.com

Credit: Tumblr

13. You can be anything that you want to be

You don't have to have your life figured out straight away either. Do what makes you happy.

Credit: Hellogiggles.com
Credit: Buzzfeed.com

Credit: Paramount Pictures 

14. It's totally okay to be an emotional eater

Attacking a 5 pack of cheese and onion rolls has stopped me killing my boyfriend due to severe PMS before. 

Credit: babycenter.com

15. Stop spreading rumours/ Bad mouthing people

Gossip and negativity are way more addicting than anything else. It's much easier and exciting to bitch about someone than you say you have a fab day. You don't want to show off that you had a great date with your boyfriend in case your friend doesn't have one, you don't want to show off your amazingly expensive dress in case you offend someone in a shittier financial situation than you.

Talking about other people takes the heat off you. But it sucks.

Talking ill of someone else makes you look like the bad guy. Trust me. You are not better than anyone and bad mouthing people is a reflection of how you're feeling as opposed to how you're trying to make them feel.

I left school 7 years ago *knocks back wine* and I'm still finding out stuff I apparently did. I also had an incident with not nice people which people LOVE TO BRING UP. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Tell me how fab your day was. Tell me about the expensive dress you look unreal in and tell me how in love you are. I want to hear all the nice stuff!

Credit: Paramount Pictures 

Credit: Pinterest 

Whatever happens, the truth will come out in the end. Don't give bad people the chance to take the victim status.

This also links to: Stop name calling

Pot kettle here as I inadvertently do it quite often when I'm angry. 

 Credit: Paramount Pictures 

I'm working on it though.

16. October 3rd is not just a date

October 3rd is a thing regardless of whether you've seen the movie. My favourite season is autumn, my favourite colours are reds/purples/oranges and I love the build up to Halloween - October 3rd is my time to shine in the meme world. And by that I mean sharing this meme every single year.

17. Bro Code? Hoe Code? 

I find this one super tricky. Personally, if my boyfriend and best friend hooked up then I would crushed and devastated. But then it depends how we broke up. Jamie and I are still together and I am still currently best friends with Dannii so I don't really want to think that's it's a possibility that they could or would ever hook up. 

Saying that, I had an ex where the feelings died out wayyyy before the relationship did and I was more than happy to set him up with my super compatible friend. They're still together and I moved on.

If you're both single and all parties are totes okay with it then no harm done...right?

Credit: Pinterest 

Credit: Pinterest 

18. Don't play dumb

I can't say that whilst I was at University, I didn't play dumb to get a guy to help me and then completely weirded him out by correcting him whilst he was teaching me. Just be honest,  I had a crush on him and thought it would be cool to have him 'rescue me.' In the end, I ended up working for him and was inevitably better at my job than him so we had an epic friendship breakdown and haven't spoken since. 

Credit: Pinterest 

Credit: Beirut.com

19. It can't fail unless you let it

So cady rescued the christmas show by blasting out a singing voice. In work or in life if something is going wrong, don't just sit back and watch it fail...do something about it. If it still fails then at least you tried.

Credit: celebrityauction.co

And finally...

20. Life only has a happy ending if you let it

Life doesn't end like in the movies. In the movies, the school ends, the boy is yours and the credits roll. In reality, you are now unemployed, you don't see your boyfriend as much as the honeymoon period will soon end. You constantly have to work at having a happy/positive life. 
The catching of the broken crown becomes a part of your happy memories but it is not a happy ending by far.

This is the beginning of your life and your journey. You are solely responsible for your happiness and your actions. No-one else. 

Other films I suggest watching are Cyberbully, Easy A and A Girl Like Her.
They're more to the: "This is what happens when you bully someone" and contain triggering/emotional scenes but I think a lesson or two can be learned from films like these and what they portray. 

What did you learn from Mean Girls? Any other awe-inspiring films to watch? Comment them below or find me on social media!

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DIY Rainbow Highlighter

Okay, I'm like a month late to the bandwagon but it's here! I actually made this product like 2 weeks ago but life happened and my job happened and I'm currently going through that phase where I didn't blog for 6 months but continued to write down ideas, so have a note book full of post ideas that I want to upload all at once so I end up publishing nothing.

Anyway, I present to you...DIY Rainbow Highlighter! 

Before we start, credit where credit is due, the original highlighter was created by BitterLaceBeauty and it's so effin' beautiful. Although I want to own and love it forever one day, I decided to challenge myself to create a dupe version with stuff I already owned.

Credit: teenvogue.com

I can't say that I made this up. I was inspired to create this by BeautyByJosieK who was inspired by BitterLaceBeauty. You can watch her video linked below.


1. Lots of tubs/pots/something to mix the product in. Also, a spoon or implement to stir it with.

How ever many colours you are using is the amount of pots you will require. 

2. Eye-shadow that you don't mind destroying.

It's not a waste though, you'll just be using it on another part of your face for a completely different reason.

3. Glitter/Powdered Highlighter (Optional).

For added shimmer in da club, I added some glitter to mine although you don't have to.

4. Old blusher/ Case to store the product in.

This was pretty old and needed getting rid of so I just scooped out the remaining product and cleaned the case to use it again. I didn't waste the remaining blush though. In a few steps, I'll show you how I recycled this blush.

5. Rubbing Alcohol//Vodka

It is recommended that you purchase some rubbing alcohol for this but 1) I couldn't find any. 2). I'm extremely impatient and lazy. 3). I already have a supply in my flat (not an alcoholic, I just throw quite a lot of parties.) And I did say that I was creating this dupe with stuff I already owned. I don't own an abundance of rubbing alcohol. Actually, I don't own any. 

I just used this. Once the product is dry, you can no longer smell or feel the alcohol so it's good enough for a dupe product. 


1. Scoop out the eye-shadow colours you want and scrape out the blusher case into the pots/tubs. Clean it so you can transfer product as you are going along. As to not waste the blusher, I used it with my golden colour eye-shadow.

2. Add a SUPER SMALL amount of vodka to each and stir it until it has formed a liquid. You don't want it too runny though or it'll be harder to set and shape in the case. 

At this point. Add the optional glitter. As much or as little as you want but don't overload as it can get quite messy when the product dries.

Also, you would add a small amount of powdered highlighter if you wish to add some shimmer to it. I didn't use highlighter as I added the glitter and found that to be enough for me. 

3. Scoop each colour in a straight-ish line, piling them next to each other. Be quite patient with this as it gets quite fiddly.

It is recommended to put the colours/shades that are close to each other in the colour chart next to each other in the case. That way it doesn't matter if they overlap/blend slightly and it looks better when applied as makeup. 

4. Once in, take a kitchen paper towel and gently press over the top to soak up the excess liquid. The more liquid you used, the more patting of the paper towel you will have to do.

5. Let it dry for quite a while. I set mine down on the windowsill for around 2 days. It doesn't take that long but I wanted my product to be completely bone dry and set before I played with it.


This is what it looks like on my arm after a lot of application:

I used a super pigmented eye shadow so it picked up really well with the blusher brush.

Obviously, on my face, I don't want it THIS obvious.

This is the product with ONE stroke of the brush.

Much more subtle. You can see it really clearly on my arm and face. My camera did not do this justice. 

A faded rainbow with glitter that radiates when I finally go and visit the new club in town.

Some funky videos of the product. I swear it would be easier if I just started a YouTube channel.

Have you made any beauty dupes? Link me to yours below! 

 photo 533520737063518120715_zps9uwv1vbb.png