Essentials Haul - Primark, Boots and Wilko's

I've been in a very artsy mood lately. I've found that the best way to deal with emotions (both good and bad) is to basically destroy your kitchen and living room. There's glitter everywhere.

The weather was good today and so the boyfriend and I decided to take a Sunday stroll into town and pick up a new laundry basket. I picked up some of his birthday presents too. His 24th Birthday is in 5 days and I'm really struggling with what to get him. He is genuinely the hardest person to buy for. 

Whilst we picked up some adulty home items, I decided that it was time to buy some essentials. It's been months since I've been shopping for anything other than groceries. 

The Haul

It doesn't look like that much but my bank account felt it. 

I wasn't originally shopping for anything to do with my eyebrows. In the past few weeks, I've decided to stop going to get them threaded as I have quite thin eyebrows near the front (does that even make sense?) and so found that wherever I went, they were taking off more hair than I desired. 

I came across these in Boots. They are thin strips that are placed above and below the eyebrow and ripped off. I feel that with these I could definitely control how much hair is taken off from which area and even save a pretty penny. 

It's hard to make them out but I have plans to use and review these comparing them to waxing/threading/shaving/natural eyebrows and see which method of maintenance I prefer.

Before I came across these, I was using a small razor blade to shave the excess that I didn't want. It worked quite well but there's always that fear that I will lose steadiness and lop an eyebrow off. 

Boots - Eyebrow Shaper Strips - £2.69

I have been seeing a similar charcoal peel off mask blowing up the internet lately and as a sufferer of spots and blackheads, as well as oily skin (in my teenage years, I was fresh faced as fuck) but I didn't want to have to wait for delivery and pay international shipping fees for something that I have never tried before.

This mask, much like the other one that I have been admiring, sinks into your pores and after half an hour and a fairly painful (apparently, I have quite a high pain tolerance so Jamie and I are going to test these out and see how differently/similarly we feel) peel off, will remove all of the blackheads and general shit that has made itself at home in and on your face. 

I've been suffering with my face lately and have been dying to try something just like this.

I got this from Boots for £9.99

There are 3 10ml mask sachets so hopefully it'll be worth the money.

Again, Jamie and I will be testing this out and I will be reviewing this product with mine and his opinions. He has quite a bit of facial hair so this could be a disaster. A very painful disaster. 

I've been meaning to buy a whole new make-up kit for a while as mine has just been destroyed over the year and a bit that I've had it...and I bought it super cheap from China so it's not the best quality. 

I saw this and a blending/smudging brush for £7.00 and thought I'd give it a go. 

I am the worst person at blending my make-up. I blend my foundation and contour kit in but when it comes to blushes, eye make-up and lipsticks...bolder the better. Such a bad habit.

I get carried away sometimes but I wear thick framed black glasses so no-one can even tell I'm wearing make-up anyway.

The thing that sucks the most, apart from wearing glasses that hides my make-up, is that I follow so many creative and wonderful people on Instagram and Tumblr, and I can't draw intricate designs or use Gems etc because my eyes water terribly. #sadface

Wilko's - Stippling brush - £4.00
Blending/smudging eye brush - £3.00

I have such a love for Soap and Glory and I just don't just invest enough in them. This lotion actually took part in a project that I will posting at the end of the coming week but as I was using it, the aroma of peaches and oranges filled my nostrils. It was wonderful and left my skin so soft. 

Again, this is for a project too (you may be able to guess what it is now?) but out of all of the gold/metallic/shimmer eye-shadows that I looked into, this was definitely the best. It's super pigmented and easy application - not that I'll be using it as eye-shadow. 

The final bit of the project. To hold it in and keep it safe. I've taken to making a lot of my own stuff lately as I just don't feel that some brands make it glittery/shimmery/high quality for the amount of money I've spent. Hopefully, when I'm done I won't look like an idiot saying this.

Boots - Soap and Glory Body Lotion: £2.50
L'Oreal Paris Metallic Gold Eye-shadow: £5.49
Boots Travel Pot: £1.69

The final items aren't beauty related as such.

I am a leggings wearer. Every day I wear a pair of leggings (either black or with an extreme pattern on them) with a pencil skirt or a dress. I'm feeling that change again. You know where you just get really sick of wearing the same style all the time? Yeah, that.

I adore my wardrobe and find it very practical but today, when looking for a new pair of leggings (because they're cheaper, you get holes in inconvenient places), I came across hundreds of tights. 

I have such an awkward body shape. I'm sort of tall yet not so I neither fit in normal or specially adapted 'tall' pairs and I have a huge butt so they don't 'pull up' as far as they would on girls with a smaller derriere. I'm also super clumsy and so ladder or just straight up rip/destroy every pair of tights that comes into contact with me.

I used to be a fan of acrylic nails too so they weren't a friendly match.

As I couldn't find leggings that were my size and I was getting the whole 'stuck in a rut' feeling from my wardrobe, I decided to give tights another shot.

XL is a bigger size than I needed so hopefully I'll be comfortable wearing them.

Primark - Body shaper: £3.50
3x 100 Microfibre Opaque Denier Appearance: £5.00

I also bought some socks because Jamie is 100% done with me stealing his.

I swear I used to own hundreds of pairs. I remember telling my Mum to stop buying me socks because I had too many and now I can never find a matching pair! 

7 pairs for £2.00 seemed like a bargain.

Total spent today: £39.86

So that is the end of my impromptu essentials haul!  

Do you have any make-up recommendations? What would you like to see me review or what have you used that you think I need in my life?

Stay tuned for reviews, adventures and some artsy projects that I've been working on! 

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