JayFerGaming 1000 Subs on YouTube!

Okay, so this is an unscheduled and completely random post but I felt the need to share it on my little slice of internet.

I have been with Jamie, alter ego JayFerGaming, for almost 2 and a half years.

Straight away, we were the weirdest couple known to human history. We aren't romantic per se, we don't plan on getting married (at least any time soon) and we repel children.

We love nothing more than coming in from work and temporarily going our separate ways to work on our blogs and vlogs and career development. We are very different people and very headstrong.

We are far from a perfect couple. We fight over who is doing the dishes and our personalities can clash. We believe that although we share a life together, we are very independent people. (We argued so much about who was buying what when shopping and who was pushing the cart that we shop together but buy our own shopping - and push our own carts.)

The first time I met Jamie, he ran away from me in the school yard.

The second, I accidentally stole his drinks on a night out so he totally hated me.

The third, I had my boobs out so he obviously fell in love with me but he left the night out to go home and work on his YouTube channel.

Many meetings later and I stole his student card. He wasn't even a student but he reacted and our love was born.

Basically, we had  a sleep over that never ended.

When we got to moving out, we needed to leave our parents places but had never considered living together as a couple. We originally were not meant to even share a bedroom but ended up doing so when we struggled to get a HMO and had a VERY snidey landlord. (Check the archives for all of that fun and bantz.)

2 and a half years in and we are actually living like a 'normal' couple, which has been a fun adventure.

A lot of people don't understand us. Well, we work so well together because we have the same differences. We want our blogs/vlogs to succeed and our energies are the same. We understand that although we live together, we aren't going to be in the same room as each other or talk for at least the next 5 hours. We get that we need to work on these things because of what we want in our lives. 

The reason for this soppy as fuck post is that I wanted to share with the world how proud I am of Jamie. He puts all of his energy into his YouTube channel and I've seen him at points where he thinks about giving it all up because he's burnt out. Jamie is not an emotional guy (think the direct opposite of my personality and you have Jamie) and so hearing/seeing this stuff is fucking awful. 

When I go through phases with my blog or career ambitions, he picks me back up again and encourages me. He has no interest in beauty or cocktails and he submits himself to be experimented on (he really didn't like those vodka slushies) and then will sit and read the post (which he most likely doesn't understand half of) because he supports me no matter what I do.

This is the reason that I love him. He may not be the romantic type who buys me chocolate or flowers randomly but he will stop what he is doing straight away to drink green tea and alcohol (both of which he doesn't like) so I can blog the recipe. He will help me in every which way to make sure that I am okay but people don't see that. They don't get why I blog or why his has a YouTube channel and they don't see how we work as a couple. 

I also admire and am inspired by how passionate/dedicated he is to his channel. He will spend hours upon hours gaming, socialising, researching, commentating, editing, writing and working so, so hard to deliver the best content to the people watching. 

Jamie has just hit 1000 Subscribers on his channel and seeing him this happy genuinely made me cry. But this is it. This is us as a couple. You may not see us carrying around bridal magazines and pampers any time soon but you will see us sat around on YouTube and Blogspot supporting each other and our endeavors, celebrating each success and picking each other back up from every 'failure.'

As he hit 1000 subscribers, he completely suprised me by thanking me publicly in a video which, to me, was the equivalent of Patrick Verona singing to Kat Stratford in '10 Things I Hate About You'.

This is an appreciation post. To say keep doing what you're doing and never change who you are for anyone. I love you because you are exactly the way you are and I appreciate all of the little (and big) things that you do for me. I may not be the biggest gaming/F1 fan, but I learn so much from watching you make this channel happen. 

Congratulations on hitting 1000 subs, my love. Also, thanks for the shout out :')

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  1. You too seem adorable together! Well done to him on his 1k!

    Corinne x

    1. Awww thank you sweetie! <3 I am so unbelievably proud of him :') <3