Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask Review

The older I get, the worse my skin appears to get. I remember complaining about my skin when I was 14 through to 18 and now I look back, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Over the past few years, in particular the last few months, my skin has broken out so many times. I've got horrible blemishes and my skin is so oily. 

Take me back to the time when I first complained about having horrible skin any day. 

I've been tired, I've been stressed and I've been whining about it to my Mother who promptly let me know that adult acne runs exclusively on her side of the family...alongside a large arse and knock knees. Well, all the males go bald quite young so I guess I'm lucky?

So, I had another breakout and my glasses made my skin super oily when I decided to reach out to the internet and see what could tame it. 

I suffer blackheads and these large red blotches all over my face which become super painful.

Most flattering photo ever.

This was after I'd washed it with cold water and patted it with a towel to 'freshen' my face up.

All over YouTube and several blogs, people have been losing their shit over this Blackout Face Mask.

Photo Credit: The Official Website 

It claims to:

 "Absorb around 200 times more bacteria than any other cosmetic ingredient, this beauty will remove toxins, dirt and oils from your pores. This highly absorbent ingredient will help to clear pimples while preventing further breakouts."

"Soothe the skin and is used as a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce redness in acne."

Well, I wanted to try this but was kind of desperate and didn't want to wait for delivery (we've only just got a mail key after 7 months and haven't got round to re-directing mail yet, I don't even know my own post code) and I didn't want to spend money on international shipping for something that may not work for me. 

I found a very similar product from Boots for £9.99 and it contains 3x 10ml sachets of the face mask. 

The Review 

My boyfriend and I experimented with this yesterday and my best friend Dannii popped into Boots and picked herself up one to try today as I gave her a mini glowing review saying she needed to try it out.

All three of us have very different skin types. I suffer with spots and red boil like blemishes, Jamie suffers with blackheads and Dannii likes to treat her skin every now and then giving it a little refreshment to fight spots and blemishes with the odd break out.

Jamie was really dubious to try this as he has quite a hairy face and hates pain. I applied it to the top half of his face as to not accidentally rip his facial hair out.

Dannii and I went for the full face treatment. We don't have excess hair on our faces and definitely want it ripping off if we did.

I would recommend using gloves for the application as it is quite thick and 'gloopy.' It washes off so easily though and doesn't stain or stick to anything if you have to apply it with your hands.

We left it on for half an hour until the mask was matte, hard and ready to pull off. We didn't pull it in a specific direction as we preferred it to come off whole and so grabbed at every opening we could find. I have to add here that although there was excess left of my skin due to over-application, it washed off instantly with a warm, wet cloth which I loved and made it stand out from other face masks that are so messy when touched by water. 

Jamie's opinion: 

He loved the results of the mask and thought that it really worked. His face was fresher and smoother, his blackheads and other 'gunk' was 'pulled out' of his face and the pain (remember, he had hair on his face) was bearable. He said he couldn't smell the product and he was a high maybe to use this product again. (I may add that he isn't actually in to beauty products and I make him experiment with me.) He also said that he 'guessed' he would recommend this product to a friend (again, they all aren't into this kind of stuff). 

Dannii's Verdict:

She found it difficult to apply and was conscious that she looked insane because of this thick black mask on her face. Half an hour and a peel off later she messaged me that her "Skin felt lush." Her exact words were; "After a hard day at work, using this has refreshed my skin and helped me to relax for the rest of the night." So, pretty much exactly what she was looking for in a product. She would recommend this product to a friend (and actually has done, hi Claire, I'll see you Saturday) and would use it again although she would change the consistency if she could because it made it difficult to apply for her. 

My thoughts:

The first thing that I really didn't like was the packaging. The box was great and easy to store but the little sachets of mask didn't work for me. I cut it open as it wasn't easy to tear and I feel like I left half of the product in the sachet itself upon application. I squeezed it and folded it over but it takes multiple squeezes, twists and turns to apply so I got it everywhere. I feel that it would be much more suited to a small pot. Kind of like this one:

I feel this way as you could use exactly the right amount you needed and store the rest for later. But that's just my opinion.

The mask itself was amazing. I over-applied it as one sachet wasn't enough for my 5head and two sachets was too much but I didn't want to waste any. I applied it with gloves for ease but whenever I accidentally got the product on something (I'm just a naturally messy person in all honesty), it washed off with no trouble. 

It sank into my pores and pulled off in one for both me and Jamie. Immediately I felt a little burning sensation but it wasn't unpleasant. I also feel that it was due to the mask being layered on and tugged off my already painful boil like blemishes. 

My oily skin subsided, the redness and swelling of all of the blemishes went down and my blackheads were gone completely. I loved the minty fresh smell that the product had and it gave me some serious spa vibes. 

I feel that the product worked more for Jamie than myself but I feel that I would definitely recommend it to a friend, I would use it again for a refreshment like Dannii did but if I wanted to rid the oily skin and boils/blemishes/spots completely, I would seek out another product.

I was utterly amazed at what it did for Jamie's blackheads though.

Here's an action sequence of him taking the mask off. (Times like this, I really wish I would just start a YouTube channel.)

All of the white strand like things are all of the crap that came out of Jamie's face. 

Overall scores:

Jamie: 7/10
Dannii: 7/10
Gillie: 8/10

Perfect for blackheads and by far the most effective mask I've seen and used but I feel that the packaging let it down for me.

Thanks to Jamie and Dannii for being my little experimenters and offering your honest opinion! 

What is your favourite face mask or product to beat spots/blemishes/boils? Comment below or find me on Social Media! 

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