Matcha 43 (cuarenta y tres)

As you may or may not know, we got back from Spain a week ago today! (Read about that experience here.)

Holiday blues be real.

Well, Jamie had an idea that since we indulged so much on holiday (y'all read about the all you can eat buffet and me being sick in the bin, right?) that we should detox, cleanse and generally live healthier lives. (Pizza, pasta and chicken dippers isn't good for you?)

Well, I reluctantly agreed and even bought salad for my work lunches when I came across a Summer Of Matcha competition running on Facebook (and many other forms of Social Media). 

Now, I am a huge fan of teas and coffees. I recently had a massive phase with Green Tea (Salted Caramel and Cherry Bakewell flavours to be precise) and I've been dying to get my creative on after a depressing few months, so when Eat Clean Tea asked people to create a healthy yet unique recipe, I saw my chance. 

Inspired by Spain 2016 all inclusive cocktails (nothing says Summer of Matcha like a Spanish holiday) and Jamie's health kick, I present to you:

  Matcha 43 (cuarenta y tres)

Before I divulge my wonderful recipe to you all, I must disclose that this recipe does contain a shot of alcohol and so if you are under the legal age to drink in your country (18 in my own country which is England) then link this blog to a parent or some adult to try instead as I cannot condone underage drinking. 

Now, right here, I am going to insert some photo's from Spain so you can really get into the mood that I was when I came up with and made this drink. I do also encourage dancing in the kitchen because that's just soooooo much fun.

Okay! Enough mood setting...down to business.

You will need:

1. Bowl, glass, spoon
2. Licor 43 (cuarenta y tres)
3. Limes 
4. Mexican Lime and Elderflower Sparkling Water
5. Shaker and Stirrer (No Bond jokes please)
6. A shot glass
7. Stuff to decorate 


1. Open up your matcha tea and take a teaspoon of powder

2. Squirt a lime and the powder into a bowl and stir until it is a paste

3. Add a shot of Licor 43 and stir again 

I bought this for 14 euros in Duty Free! 

4. Pour the mixture into a shaker and dance around the kitchen to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'.
Okay, the last bit isn't required but I highly recommend it!

5. Strain into a tall glass (or any glass you like) and add the Mexican Lime and Elderflower Sparkling water

6. Stir, add decorations and enjoy!

I highly recommend Spain for a holiday and if you want to catch up with the Matcha guys and gals then follow the links below!

Do you have any matcha infused recipes or new cocktails for me to make? Comment down below or find me on Social Media! 

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  1. Hello Lovely, thank you for visiting

    Matcha with alcohol? Sounds interesting! So far I had matcha chocolate, ice creams, latte, cake, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes so there is a big chance I will also love a cocktail :D

    I would love to connect with you on multiple platforms if we have not already:

    Love, Iga x

    1. It was amazing! aha. I was a bit dubious but I wanted to go where no person had gone before :') I actually tried it with a few different alcohols (rum, vodka and whiskey) and it was all super nice! <3