Simply Straight Vodka Slushies

Before I even write this blog post, I must tell you that I watch far too much Tipsy Bartender on YouTube and like to think I'm one of his little side kick chicks, when in reality, I own a blender and vodka.

I was also partially inspired by my boyfriend's birthday coming up. He turns 24 tomorrow and we're going out to celebrate on Saturday. We always drink the same stuff, it's always weak or 'gassy' (I'm thinking Foster's here) and it goes warm so quickly. (Here's me saying the drink is weak and yet I always drink them too quickly and end up vomiting/very hungover the next day. I'm the weak one.)

All of the above inspired me to throw together this drink. It's kind of a simple silly one but I actually really like it and will totally be making it again.

Straight Vodka Slushies

You will need:

1. Vodka
2. Food colouring
3. Blender 
4. Glasses
5. Ice - so much ice 
6. Large spoon

What to Do

Throw some ice into the blender. The more product you want. The more ice you will need.

Add the food colouring. The more you add, the brighter and more concentrated the colour is. It serves little purpose but to make the slushy look nice. I want to get hold of some flavoured food colouring because then the drink will have subtle tastes as to not overpower the vodka.

Next: add a shot of vodka. Or as much as you want. I don't own you. 

Blend until your neighbours complain about the noise. (This didn't happen but I thought it would. Ice in a blender is so noisy!).

Repeat this step until you have used all of the colours you desire.

Layer the coloured slushy.


This serves as a sort of base for a summer drink. I really like the taste of straight vodka so this was perfect for me whereas my boyfriend doesn't so you could add peach snapps, flavoured vodka, or any alcohol you fancy, really. You can also mix in some lemonade, ginger ale, sprite...this drink has so many versions to it! 

If I was partying with friends or sunbathing as opposed to getting ready to bathe and go to bed for work tomorrow, I would have also taken time to garnish it with fruits, sweets, straws, umbrellas, etc. 

If someone would like to gift me the bar that Tipsy Bartender does have or money to purchase my own, then I will totally make and try all of those drinks on your behalf. Or spend it throwing the most insane party ever. 

Well that's it for my Simply Straight Vodka Slushies.


For Jamie's actual birthday on the Friday, I made him a less strong version of this drink and it was so refreshing.

Vodka Slushy Version 2!

I made this one by putting one shot of vodka, some ice and a good serving of apple and raspberry sparkling water into the blender. Blend until slushified and you have the perfect summer drink!

As I stated above, there are so many versions of this drink with different soft drinks and alcohol. 

If you have any recipes for me to try or one's for me to read that you have made then please share them in the comments or find me on Social Media linked below! 

 photo 533520737063518120715_zps9uwv1vbb.png 


  1. Although it looks pretty cool, im not sure I could stomach the taste! Straight vodka gives me the fear :'). I would try with mixers though! And I also watch far too much tipsy bartender on those nights where I cannot get to sleep! Great post :)

    1. Haha! My boyfriend couldn't either :') He liked it when it was mixed with sparkling water though :') I love slushies, with or without alcohol. All you need is an ice and a blender and you have some delicious treats :D Thank you! And every time I finished creating something, I turn to Jamie (boyf) and go "AND THERE YOU HAVE IT"
      He has no idea who Tipsy Bartender is, haha! xoxoxoxo