Spain 2016!

Spain is fucking amazing.

That is all you need to know. Ha!

I just got back in from work. My first day back at work since the 30th April and it was alright. I mean, this time last Monday, I was chilling in 20 degree (average temp) sunshine at the beach and then the Hotel pool so work was, without a doubt, different.

The whole holiday was a blast. From getting off the plane to getting back on it again was filled with new adventures and experiences.

I was a little scared about flying as I'd never done it before. I got a little claustrophobic with the thought of being 36,000 feet in the sky, in a tin can with strangers, not really able to move for around 3 hours but the views made it soooo worth it.

We were delayed by about 25 minutes whilst an engineer checked out something that was wrong with the plane and the pilot aborted the take off which made me utterly shit myself. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong. Was still insane to somebody who wasn't familiar with planes and flying though :')
Our room was on the 14th floor and so the views were astonishing. We even got the chance to watch the locals play football at all hours of the day and night.

Oh, one of the things that I was slightly annoyed at but then found utterly hilarious was that Jamie didn't know the difference between a twin bed and a double bed (this is his first couple's holiday so I forgave him pretty quickly, it was actually the best sleep I'd ever had) and so walked in to this...

It became like a second home pretty quickly though. I adored the fact that I didn't have to clean or tidy (much) as we had maids. They were amazing and left us a cute little note though which I will mention again and show you at the end of this post.

The first night, we decided to go and try out some all inclusive cocktails. The key difference between the Spanish and the British is that Spanish people can actually handle their booze...and I definitely couldn't.

That hangover lasted four days!

Our problem was that it tasted like juice, we weren't aware of the measurements of alcohol (let's face it, a lot of pubs in England water their booze down) and being all inclusive, we didn't actually have anything to make us stop. 

As you can see by the colour of this vodka and coke, it was the tiniest amount of coca cola.

We made some new friends whilst on our travels, an older woman took a liking to Jamie which was hilarious. My night was cut short by me vomiting in, on and around the bin (I'm a very classy lady). Jamie ventured back out to watch the football.

Even though the night ended with Jamie being a little annoyed at me (I was drinking in the airport from 6am may I add), we had so much fun at dinner.

When I woke up the next day, I was so, so hungry.

I asked Jamie if he was ready for breakfast as we'd skipped dinner the night before. He replied with "you don't remember going to dinner?" Then it hit me.

We were so drunk that we stumbled into the restaurant, sat in the Exclusively Reserved Club Guests section and then attempted to go and get food. The staff were so lovely about it though. They moved us to the correct area with little to no complaints. Although they were Spanish and I was drunk so maybe they were annoyed, I will never know.

The Sunday was absolutely brutal. We hadn't bought any water yet and I woke up with a mouth so dry it was like I had licked the Sahara desert. The worst aspect, aside from the sick all over the bin next to the bed and the raging hangover...was having a crisp, clean glass next to the tap in the bathroom. Ergh.

We decided to have a lazy day. We were still pretty tired from all the travelling the night before and had a whole week to adventure so we primarily stayed around the pool and went for a little walk after catching up on sleep.

Monday. Aka, the best day of my life.

That's what I kept saying to Jamie. We spent majority of the day in the water. First at the beach and then around the pool. The pool water was so, so cold though.

On Tuesday we walked up a huge hill to find Zoo/Aquarium hybrid Mundomar. I researched this place before we'd even left England and it looked amazing! 

We also found, and I fell in love with, a Spanish Supermarket. It was so cheap that although we were all inclusive, we decided to buy little picnics anyway. 

I fell in love with Dinosaurus Huevos which were cookies in the shape of little eggs. They were so delicious! 

Supermarkets in Spain seem to be so much better than the ones that I'm used to. I mean, look at this:

You just can't make this shit up.

It was around here that I realised that I had grossly over-packed. I spent 100% of the time bra-less, in a swimming costume with a 'floaty' top on. I wore leggings quite a lot but I got really bad sunburn on the second day. I'm not quite accustomed to being in a country that requires sun lotion. The most annoying thing was that after the burn, I went milk bottle white again! Grrrr.

Wednesday was Mundomar day!

No Instagram/blog/social media post can quite comprehend just how amazing this place is.

I was a bit dubious about the whole 'animals in captivity' thing but they are so well looked after. The trainers have a real relationship with these animals and if the animal doesn't fancy seeing the public or appearing in a show then it doesn't. 

My Mum adores Dolphins and we have a matching dolphin tattoo...

... So I was super excited to see the Dolphin show.

It made it slightly funny that my boyfriend and the trainer have the same(ish) surname (Fernandez and Fernandes). Fernandes isn't very common in England but in Spain and Portugal (Jamie's daddy is Portuguese) it apparently really is. 

Alongside my excitement for the Dolphins and my tattoo, I purchased this favourite animal is actually penguins. Ha!

I feel that I really connected with this penguin... I really didn't but they're just so damn cute.

We spent majority of the day looking around and attempting to talk to all of the animals. Sea lions are really just puppies of the sea and Jamie thinks Armadillo's look a little like ball sacks :') (He refused to take a picture after he said that).

(I filtered the pictures as we have over 200 and I'm only on Wednesday.) 

By the Thursday, we were shattered, the weather had subsided a bit which was actually ideal because we slept in. We left the hotel room for food at around 2pm. 

We decided to have a rest day as we'd walked a lot and ventured all over Benidorm. We popped to the local supermarket and picked up more snacks and then taking a little night walk to the beach. It was a completely different atmosphere to the day time beach we had experienced. It was just us and the beach. No people working, no sports, nothing... it was actually quite romantic and just so calm.

After a quick change, we headed to the entertainment that night. The entertainment was outstanding. It was primarily singing and dancing, Michael Jackson and Queen tributes and portrayals of 80's movies like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing.

I always got super excited and super emotional. Two of the dancers (who were actually a couple) were leaving Spain to further their careers in London. We saw their last show and it was all tears, cheers and a standing ovation. 

There were also some quizzes and interactive games that the audience could play and win things. No wonder we slept so much. #Exhausted. 

This was also the night that I lost my Sangria Virginity. It was exactly like losing my actual virginity...a huge disappointment and I was a little sick in my mouth. 

I feel that Jamie and I don't really fit gender stereotypes in our relationship...the pint is mine.

San Miguel is my new thing.

Friday was a sad day. It was our last day. We decided to spend majority of the morning at the beach and say goodbye to paradise. I love the water. It's drama free, stress free, moron free and you realise that there is more to the world than just the mundane act of surviving your day to day life. 

We were greeted for our last meal with a glass of wine. It was nice. I'm not really a wine or champagne drinker. I wish I was because I would look a lot more classy on a night out as opposed to carrying around pints :')

I drank Jamie's too because he really didn't like it.

The food throughout the holiday was exquisite. I mean, where else is it acceptable to mix four or five different meals onto one plate?

It doesn't look tasty but Oh My Lorde, it really was. The Chef's really put 100% effort into their food and the service at the restaurant was top notch. I could not fault them for anything and this place was on the go 24/7.

Saturday was time to leave. I was so moody that we were returning to England and not the beach, haha!

As mentioned earlier, we had the cutest maid. I know this will happen to every guest but I think it's super cute that the hotel even make this effort at all.

Home time! Which meant...Duty Free!!

I got a litre of Spanish Liqueur for 14 euros. 


Apparently it's like a Spanish Bailey's and can be served with pretty much anything. I've just entered a competition which I'm hoping to feature this alcohol in so stay tuned for that!

Fruity and Spicy. Nom.

That was the end of the trip and the end of this blog post. It was honestly the best first holiday that I could ever ask for. Even with the delays and the waiting around.

I highly recommend Spain and Flamingo Oasis hotel for a holiday! And anything you think you know about Benidorm, you don't. You have to really experience it. 

We've already planned our next adventure. We're going to France! 

 photo 533520737063518120715_zps9uwv1vbb.png 

Where is your favourite place abroad? Do you have a home from home? Or a holiday blog post for me to read? Link me in the comments or find me on other social media! 

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