Stressed, Depressed But Well Dressed...Life Update.

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Today sucked.

I just cannot catch a break lately. I thought I'd post a little life update because people never believe the shit that I tell them, I came up with a new slushy recipe and I bought a new dress :')

Where to even begin. I had to take a couple of days off work last week because we got our bathroom ripped out. I'd been complaining to my estate agent/landlord/anyone who would listen, that there was something wrong with our shower. We had these mold patches next to our shower and the smell was dreadful. 

It was supposed to be inspected after the old tenants left, before we moved in, during our flat inspection and 7 months into tenancy when we got our mail key (7 fucking months without mail to our property.) 

Well, it was passed off as condensation and we were asked to keep it ventilated...which we already did. 

A week to the day after the inspection, downstairs neighbours were knocking at our door. She was saying how our shower was leaking and her landlord had said to not use our bathroom. Well, since we had, had it inspected twice in front of us and a resounding 4 times altogether, I told her what we had been told, saying that she must have a burst pipe because we had just had an inspection.

Her flooding got worse and her landlord got even angrier.

We went to work as normal last Wednesday when 2 hours into my shift I received a phone call: "Are you at the flat because we need to get in." 

Now, when you rent, people will always be in and out of that property simply because you don't own it BUT they have to ASK your permission if they can come round and give you plenty of notice...not just that day.

Well, I was 2 hours into a 9 hour shift so obviously said: "Well, no, I'm at work and so is my boyfriend" (If you didn't know, I live with my boyfriend). They then asked permission to access the property without us there to which I again said no.

I don't even let my parents or bestest of friends stay in the property without Jamie or I there. I may not own it, but it's my home. My money is invested into that property and I'm making memories there so don't let strangers just ponder around.

Anyway, several phone calls and a fucking pissed off Gillie later and I had to request early leave from work. I work a target based job so everyone's stats and overall scores were being affected through this.

I had half an hour to get home so had to run across the office and quickly explain to Jamie what was going on and then ask him super nicely for a lift. Bless his soul, he took his break and quickly drove me home.

I waited and a plumber arrived. I was still none the wiser as to what was actually going on and he said he was there to investigate the shower to see if there was a leak.

Well, there was. A fucking huge one that had accumulated over a year period. So, those four inspections were clearly done by professionals.

I'm leaving out the emails and phone calls as they were nasty. I was so angry and I still am at the way we are treated. We pay a pretty penny to live here and we receive the WORST SERVICE EVER.

But, I will retain that for the day I whack in a complaint.

So...this guy proceeded to rip out my bathroom whilst I was on the phone and talking to my old, poor English speaking neighbour.

This isn't my fault. I am physically ill from battling people and I feel like people think that this stuff is my fault. I already chase my landlord and estate agent to get stuff done but why the fuck should I have to? 7 months with a damaged, leaking shower, 7 months with no mail key, 7 months with no intercom/buzzer working, our locks to several doors are fucked and I have to constantly chase people to get shit done.

If I pulled half of this stuff at my job, I would no longer be employed.

If you're eating then skip this part because it's pretty gruesome.

This is what they uncovered below our shower.

What you are looking at is a case of rising damp. It was so wet, obviously because it was a leak, that we had gotten a mild case of rising damp. That was what the spots I reported were and the horrible smell that we lived with for 7 months. 

Now, no-one wants to live with mold but if you've followed me long enough then you know about the first flat that I lived in. If not, scroll through my archive and read about my absolute melt down because of that flat...and Landlord. I told you, I have 0 luck.

So, the plumber did all he could and shut off the supply of water whilst calling in the actual problem. 

The next day I had to call in an emergency holiday at work to have more plumbers in my property. I didn't mind so much because I felt awful that the downstairs neighbours were flooding and finally, 7 months later, my complaints were being handled. 

Two more plumbers came in, uncovered a whole array of problems and decided to rip the entire thing out and rebuild it from scratch.

What you see here, after they stripped out the entire thing, is a shoddy attempt at plumbing. The metal bars at the bottom are not supposed to be bent. The previous plumbers (before we moved into the property) has literally SHOVED IN a shower. They didn't even fix it down and install it properly. 

The plumbers fitting in the new bathroom were an absolute God send, you know, if I was religious. 

Here is my pretty new bathroom. 

It's the smaller bathroom as it's an en suite to the master bedroom. The smell is gone and it's fucking glittery!

I adore it so much. I cannot love these plumbers any more than I do now and if I ever move into my own home, I would 1000% hire them to do it again.

So this disaster was now over. It was such a stressful week. I have never been that angry or rude to someone before. Of course I apologised for having a meltdown but even the property manager said she wouldn't pay what we do to live here.

During all of this, I also had to deal with the downstairs landlord face to face and over the phone. He's a lovely guy and I would love him as my landlord truth be told but it isn't half a shock when you're stress baking a cake and turn round to some random guy who let himself into your property. 

Fast forward to the Friday and it was Jamie's birthday. We had a little fun and celebrated our new bathroom before going out with our friends on the Saturday.

We made a new friend, Claire, who is utterly adorable and we clicked with straight away before we hit the town for some drinks.

I rocked some Queen of Hearts inspired makeup and wore my cherry dress. I finally got round to getting it repaired :')

My lobster <3 Highlight for dayz.

Can we also take a moment and appreciate how gorgeous my best friend is?

I left the night out early because, as I said, I haven't been feeling well for a while.

I don't actually know what's up. I've had these lumps inside my nostrils for a while, I'm constantly tired, I'm constantly drained, I have chronic heavy nosebleeds and I always feel sick and dizzy. I'm 100% not pregnant by the way.

So, I went home sober and immediately vomited all over my new bathroom floor. Then I waited to let Jamie in because I stole his key to come home.

I'm going to say that they enjoyed their night as Jamie vomited in my neighbours garden, Craig hit on his neighbour after getting kicked out of a club and majority were hungover the next day. I feel so bad for missing it :')


Today was the worst day of my life. Well, not quite but it was pretty on par with my bathroom getting ripped out.

I left my house at half 6 to go and get the bus for work as Jamie had the day off. (We also work together if you haven't guessed it.)

The first bus was late resulting in me missing the second bus. I live tweeted my emotional breakdown on Twitter so check that out, ha! 

I waited, really annoyed, for the next bus and was half an hour late to work. Then I realised that I'd forgotten my work pass and so was stuck in security for another 10 minutes trying to get someone to let me in.

I finally made it to my desk, gossiped and worked for the next couple of hours before I felt unbelievably sick and dizzy.

I went to the toilet and just sat there trying to pull myself round.

Cue...nosebleed that almost made me pass out. 

I didn't take pictures for the blog may I add, I was kind of stuck bleeding for around 15 minutes and so sent them to a work mate captioned "It's just not my fucking day today"

She tried to search for a first aider but it stopped pretty soon after so I just returned to work.

Don't look if you have a thing with blood by the way.

It just wouldn't stop. I bled all over the freakin' floor.

So, yeah, I've been really ill lately.

To get over all the stress, I decided to go shopping for a new dress. I'm planning a plus size person shopping trip blog post because, to be quite honest, I'm disgusted in the lack of choice that bigger people have when shopping for clothes.

I did find this super pretty dress though.

This dress is an off the shoulder dress which I adore and feel wonderful wearing. The only things I dislike about it is where the belt loops are. I would prefer it to be a bit higher as I have a larger stomach and sometimes felt a bit awkward with the placement of the belt. And sometimes the pattern on the boob area made my boobs look saggy when the sleeves made there way up my shoulder.

Apart from that, the material, design, pattern and overall length of the dress is perfect. 

I think that's about all that's going on in my life lately. I also have a new phase which is making slushies. My boyfriend adores them so I'm always like: "I'll make you one up."

Today's recipe requires 1 energy drink, 30ml of Sparkling flavoured water (mine was apple and raspberry) and 8 ice pops, whichever colour you want. And the blender.

Choose 4 ice pops, half the energy drink and half the sparkling water and blend and blitz. Layer it into a pint glass and enjoy! 

It is just pure sugar though.

What's been happening in your life lately? Any renting horror stories? Or a happy one? Comment and link me them below! 

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  1. For a start that makeup and the new dress are heavenly on you babe!
    Second, I'm so sorry you've got through so much shit lately - particularly with accommodation. The bathroom looks great now though.

    Hope you feel better in yourself soon.


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    1. Ahhh you're so sweet! <3 And thank you <3 It always makes my day when I see your comments or posts haha! <3 sending loves <3