Tipsy Bartender: Vodka, Red-bull Jelly!

I keep blogging about alcohol. I swear I don't have a problem and I'm not developing one.

I do have an addiction to Tipsy Bartender though! And I love the whole idea of alcohol infused sweet treats because my boyfriend isn't a huge drinker and I'm trying to open him up to trying more stuff.

Before I begin, I must say that my recipe is inspired by Tipsy bartender but also slightly different. I didn't have a large enough ice cube tray, I couldn't find gelatin and so just used standard jelly cubes that you dissolve and set and nobody eating them likes cherries so I skipped that part and just created it how I normally would have.

My alcohol content also isn't that high in the jelly because my boyfriend, the poor guy at the centre of all of my experiments, cannot stand the taste of pure vodka - as we found out with my Simply Straight Vodka Slushies!

Tipsy Bartender's version looked like this:

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Mine...didn't. But they taste unreal and can get you drunk if you eat the whole tub, which I will not be because I have work at 7am. 

Bank Holiday weekend thoughhhhhh.

My Version:

I present to you: Vodka, Red Thunder, Strawberry Jelly!

The Ingredients: 

1. A 250ml can of any energy drink. I used the cheap version of Red Bull which cost me 49p. 

2. Some Jelly or gelatin. I used a packet of cubes because that's all I could find and they were 29p so I can get drunk off Vodka Jelly forever.

3. Vodka. Any. Flavoured or unflavoured. I used Krakus exclusive which I received for my birthday from my Daddy.

The Recipe

Due to my Jelly being a different variety, my recipe is slightly different and so are my setting times.

1. Dissolve the jelly.

I dissolved the Jelly as per the instructions as this takes a little while and it would have caused the energy drink to burn (trust me, I went there) and evaporate. You also don't want your energy drink to boil.

I added 285ml of boiling water and dissolved the jelly.

I poured it into a tub and let it cool down.

2. Heat up the energy drink.

In all honesty, if you do use my method then you probably don't need to heat it up as Tipsy Bartender needed it to mix his gelatin in. I heated it up so that it would mix 'better' with my Jelly and not separate when it was setting. 

Pour the energy drink into the jelly mixture and stir like your life depends on it.

3. Add the vodka. 

As much or as little as you want. I like the taste of vodka so would have probably used like 300ml on this but my boyfriend doesn't and so I poured around 100-150ml in.

That way you can taste it without it being overpowering.

Stir again until your mixture is ready to be put in the fridge.

Due to the size and volume of this, I left this in the fridge overnight.

If you do it in ice cube trays, they can be ready within hours.

****Fast Forward****

It's set!

4. Jiggle it round for a while and then serve! I used a sharp knife to cut out the portion I wanted. 

I wanted a drink or something on the side to go with this and Jamie is still addicted to my slushies, so keeping in the theme of alcohol...I made Bellini slush!

This cocktail concoction tickles the taste buds, reminds me of Spain and only costs £2.99.

As it is a 'Sparkling Speciality Drink,' I didn't need to dilute it with sparkling water or anything like with the vodka as it's not a heavy spirit. 

I took this and poured a load into the blender along with ice.

There's no set limit as it just depends how much of the product you want. You want more? Add more. Too watery? Add more ice and mix it up!

I also added a bit to the dish with the jelly in. The flavours really complimented each other and when it started to melt, it was like doing a shot of multiple alcoholic drinks.

So good.

The strawberry flavouring of both products really complimented each other. 

Well, he liked it anyway.

I also recommend serving it with ice-cream for an alcohol infused dessert! 


Tipsy Bartender inspired Vodka, Red Thunder, Strawberry Jelly with a side of Bellini Slushy.

Have you been inspired by Tipsy Bartender? Link me your posts below! 

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