Birthday Beauty Haul, Boobs and Huckleberry's Darlington

There is so much going on in that title. But all of that happened in the space of two hours after a 7 hour shift at work today :')

My beautiful Mama turned 49 on Monday and due to work commitments and not living with her anymore, I feel like I didn't really get to see her properly or spend any quality time with her. 

I decided that because she's my Mama and she gave up her life to raise, rear and rid (well, make sure we're competent enough to move out) of her children that I would spend my adult life repaying her the favour. Of course, the chance of me giving her grandchildren is about as high as mermaids being real (5% of the ocean explored, just saying), I usually just save up loads of money (cough) and give her my bank card. 

She's happy, I'm happy that she's happy and we have a bond. Mother and Daughter days are fun <3 

Her original present for her actual birthday was a tattoo that Jamie, my Auntie and I paid for. 5 years ago my Mother and I got a matching tattoo and she has not stopped collecting them since.

I think it's utterly hilarious that at almost 50, she still gets tattoos and doesn't tell my Father for weeks afterwards. I feel like I taught her that bad habit too. He doesn't even care that she gets them, he has his own! Aha!

Today we did a bit of essentials (cough) shopping and I treated her to the new diner that opened in town. I love that Darlington is expanding! My Mum is disabled and can't travel as far as places like Middlesbrough without it really wearing her out so I try and keep time to a minimum and places local so that she has access to her house easily and she can recover quicker. 

The first stop was to get my boobs measured. I know, it's her birthday-day and we're getting MY boobs measured. It's one of those...Mum, I have no fucking idea who that woman who wants to touch my boobs is, please come with me and make it less awkward than it possibly could be, situations. 

I have had chronic pain for like, 2 years. I knew it was my bras. I knew that I'd been wearing the wrong size for probably my whole life but as a plus size, full grown adult woman, it really needed sorting.

And under-wires! Fuck my actual life, I got stabbed in the tit by a metal under-wire escaping a bra that was 2 sizes too small. Twice! 


So, we went to Marks and Spencers and I almost hugged the woman who measured them. Within three seconds, she looked at my boobs and told me my actual size. Took a quick measurement, got me a bra from the shelf and BOOM - HEAVEN!!!!!

I then refused to take it back off and was like "I'm having this, my boobs are so comfortable and the pain is GONE."

So, women and teenage women who may be reading this...go and get your boobs measured because it's free, it's not awkward and my boobs have never felt sooooooo good.

My Mum also loved that I asked her to go with me. I think it's one of those Mother/Daughter things. My Dad took me to get my first ever bra and explained periods and sex to me because my Mother and I didn't have the best relationship growing up. She also wasn't very well for many of those years. I feel like asking her to do these things is kind of like a 13 year old me asking her. So much cuteness. 

She also got really excited at picking a whole new range of bras with me. Of course we went for the 'expensive black one' which was from Marks and Spencer's for £20 and then hauled the rest at Primark for £5.00 each. 

I don't have a photograph of the black one because I'm wearing it and possibly never taking it off again. HEAVEN.

They don't look like much but they are really gorgeous bras and two of them have a laced pattern. 

Next stop, we hauled in Superdrug. Note to self: Never give your Mother your bank card in/near or around Superdrug. 

I told her to pick out anything she wanted with no expense spared. Her eyes lit up and she strolled away with her mini Superdrug basket. It was only half way down an aisle that I realised she was hauling stuff for me :')

She wanted to treat me for treating her for her birthday. Treatception? And she'd been shopping every day this week with my Auntie so actually ran out of stuff she needed. I didn't think that was possible. 

This is what we came out with:

I spent just under £40 on all of the products. The Miss Sporty products (foundation, primer and eyeliner) were 3 for £5.00. The hair dyes were 2 for £7.00 so I definitely think we caught a bargain somewhere here.

I picked up this Live hair dye as I'm transitioning my hair from red to pink. I was thinking about Peach but then I saw Kandee Johnson's hair and ultra swooned.

Mine will be a considerably darker shade than hers but I'm attempting to refrain from bleaching my hair until it is has fully recovered from the last bleaching. I rarely bleach my hair more than once in a 6 week time frame.

Next up was this Loose Powder by Collection. I'm a huge Collection fan and needed some more after running out on the last night out. £2.99 too!

A fellow blogger raved about this foundation (when I find the blog and the post I will edit the link in here) and when I saw that Miss Sporty had 3 products for £5.00 - I couldn't resist! I also got a green eyeliner because apparently that's my new thing. I'm stepping away from black eyeliner and neon eye-shadows and 'inverting' it, so dark eyes with neon/bright eyeliner. Next time I am out, I shall blog the make-up look I come up with!

Here's a mini-swatch of the green eyeliner mentioned above and my Mum fell in love with this vivid matte to liquid lipstick. She doesn't wear make-up all that often so we're kind of 'sharing' this product but she wants to see what fun looks I come up with. She's also hanging around for a review of it so Sunday, as I have signed up to work weekend overtime for the foreseeable future, I shall be completely a long overdue work trial! I used to adore work trials of make-up but can rarely find the time to apply the product before my 7am shift. Going to work looking like a tramp with no make-up on is exhausting enough!

Last but not least from this haul is our joint favourite product!

I present to you Bourjois Paris Illuminatrice - a highlighting powder.


I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.

I swatched it on my arm and I fell so in love with it that £9.99 suddenly seemed ridiculously cheap.

I'm going to be doing a full review and posting a little vid on instagram of the full thing in action so stick around for that.

After we exhausted ourselves and dented the bank account shopping, we ventured to the new American Diner in town. I have been craving burgers and so, so excited to try this place since I knew it had opened (which coincidentally was my boyfriend's birthday.)

I used to be THE BIGGEST FAN EVER of Man V Food. 

The entire show made me hungry, probably fatter and gave me a little bit of life.

If you have never seen Man V Food, it was an American Reality Show aired on the Travel Channel that saw foodie actor Adam Richman travel to places all over the United States to consume their biggest food challenges. Oh my Lorde, it was amazing.


Well, this American Diner is BASED ON THAT SHOW!!!!!!

And it did not let us down. Whilst my Mama and I were dining, the two guys next to us were completing one of the challenges. 

I don't want to take people's photo's without their consent so follow the link to the official Facebook page HERE and check out the challenges. Well worth it and utterly gut wrenching to witness. 

We ordered something considerably smaller and yet it still took me over 4 hours to recover from eating. 

We ordered the 'Mac Attack' burger which is a burger, mac and cheese, bacon and baconnaise with some salad, chips and onion rings. It was absolutely delicious! I actually got the meat sweats from eating it and feel like I need more Mac and Cheese in my life now.

I ordered a budweiser and my Mum, who doesn't drink, ordered a Milkshake. I took a sneaky snip and it was scrumptious. It was only later when realising that my Mum was acting intoxicated and I checked the receipt that it actually had a shot of Jack Daniels in it :')

When you order the milkshake, you can opt in to pour a shot of ANY alcohol in it. *Drools.*

She's so lady like :') 

We finished our meals and were utterly destroyed. I would come back to this Diner time and time again with friends, on a date with Jamie, alone. I adore it!

I don't think I'll be participating in the challenges any time soon though :')

The price isn't too bad either. For the portions and the quality of the food, I feel like that price is absolutely suitable. The staff and the place were delightful and the service was bang on.

They also let you help yourself to lollipops at the til. Bonus.

And whilst you're dying from meat overload (if you follow the path that my Mama and I went down) then you can admire the lovely decor.

There were also neon signs everywhere but I was trying to not make it obvious that I was photographing everything :')

I want all of the signs in my flat. Too bad my kleptomaniac Sim isn't around. 

Where have you dined lately? Have you had a birthday haul? Link me to your posts below! 

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