DIY Cream Golden Highlighter!

When life gives you lemons, slice and dice it, whack it in a cocktail and make your own cosmetics.

I have a fixation on highlighters. I don't know why and I probably shouldn't because I have THE OILIEST SKIN EVER...but I do. I love glittering, shining and reflecting every light known to man. It's actually a challenge in itself to put the highlighter in specific areas and not all over my face...although I did see a girl do that and she looked amazing :')

I was playing around with per, and had just made a rainbow highlighter when I thought why not make my own Golden Glitter one?!

Obviously this was just a bit of fun and I'm not expecting it to hit drugstore shelves any time soon but if you're after an excuse to play with some glitter then give this a go!

You Will Need

1. An empty tub
2. Body Lotion
3. Gold Eyeshadow
4. Glitter


This is so simple and effective for a DIY job so if you run out of Highlighter before a hot date or a night out and somehow forget to buy more, here is your guide for a DIY cream highlighter!

1. Scrape out the Gold Eye-Shadow into your tub. The more you add, the more it has the golden shimmer but don't overload or you will look like a 14 year old who stole her Mother's bronzer for the first time. (That totally didn't happen to me.....)

2. Add the glitter. I used silver and recommend either silver or gold but there is nothing stopping you adding any colour you like. Be creative. Add a bunch of colours. Be a rainbow.

3. Add some lotion. 

I chose Soap and Glory because it smells like peaches and leaves my skin soooo soft. If you don't want to smell like the lotion, you can buy an unscented one.

The more lotion you add, the more product you have but be careful not to add so much lotion that the glitter and eye-shadow aren't noticeable. 


I need to stop watching Tipsy Bartender. 

Your own DIY Cream Golden Highlighter!

To really show you the product, I PASTED it on my arm. I obviously don't wear this much on my face but I wore it on a night out and it was amazing!

What DIY Make-Up have you made lately? Link me below or find me on Social Media! 

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