Fashion Wishlist - June Edition

It has been such a long time since I blogged about anything fashion related. When I started this blog, it was solely on bargain hunted bits and OOTD's and I kind of stopped out of boredom.

Not boredom of blogging because I adore that but boredom with my wardrobe. I solely wear dresses and pencil skirts which I don't mind but I haven't changed anything about my style in over a year. I just wear the same kinds of things over and over and even if I introduce a new accessory or mix up the items of clothing I have, it just feels like the same old thing. 

With this in mind and my entire life changing...again, in around 4 months time, I will have a little more money to play with so I

This has been my face for the last 6 months. I want adventure, I want fun, I want to re-do my entire image. I have grown out of the last one and I think I've kind of planned my next one.

The Wishlist 

1. Blazers

I fucking adore blazers. It stems from my love for 80's movies and their ridiculous fashion sense. I have 1 over-sized blazer and I want a wardrobe solely dedicated to them. It's kind of like Sims where you have an item and can enable the emotional aura. If I'm wearing a blazer, I feel like I can take on the world - and they look professional so win,win.

Credit: Bustle

2. Tulle Skirts

This probably stems from thinking I should marry into royalty or I am some form of lost Princess not doomed to live the rest of her life in the lower class system. 

Tulle skirts just look magical. I think if Disney princesses were real, they would be rocking tulle skirts.

Or probably because I relate to the Sex and City girls more and more as I delve into adulthood.

Credit: Pinterest 

3. Waterfall (Dip Hem) everything

Although I just said that all I wear is dresses and skirts, I don't want to stop wearing them either. I own your bog standard straight cut dresses and one dip hem 'waterfall' styled dress. I am infatuated with it and wear it quite often meaning that of course, I desire more.

Credit: Wheretogetit

Credit: Polyvore

4. Skinny Jeans

As a fat girl (I fucking hate that word, I have fat, I'm not fat), I used to live and breathe skinny jeans and always get comments off people (either directly, indirectly or in passing) that 'fat people shouldn't wear skinny jeans.' Why? Why can I not wear something that is available in my size? Designed for people of my size? In general existence because, believe it or not, there are no rules in fashion. If I want to wear a 6 year old dress that is still in tact, I will. For prom I wore my Grandma's ball gown. Fashion is not specific or dated, there are trends, like with everything. 

Not related to the above text but I did stop wearing jeans and trousers for around 2 years. This was because I was sick of living and breathing skinny jeans and wanted a style change. That style change became the current one of dresses and skirts. 

I own one black pair of skinny jeans but I desire more...colour? Texture? Pattern? I don't know. I just don't want plain black although they'll come in handy with some outfit choices. 

Credit: Denimblog

Credit: Denimblog

Credit: Polyvore

My only issue is that went I went through the 'alternative rock chick emo whatever you want to call it' phase that I hope every teenager went through as well as me, all I wore were outrageous jeans and trousers so I don't want to be traumatised with nostalgic memories that I have since suppressed.  

5. Denim shorts 

I purchased a long pair for Spain and then never wore them. I don't why! I have a small fear of wearing them which is completely illogical as I wear short/medium/long dresses and skirts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Credit: Polyvore

6. Bralet 

I have always wanted to own a bralet. When I was younger, I would 'reblog' so, so many on Tumblr and then as I grew older and started blogging, I would read post after post of people praising their new bralet. They are effortless and simple, ideal for a girl as lazy as me when it comes to fashion.

Credit: Polyvore 
Credit: Instyle
Credit: aliexpress

7. Corsets 

I know a few burlesque dancers who live in corsets and all look amazing! Although I have no wish to pursue the art of burlesque, I want the fashion sooooo bad.

To be honest, just check out the entire website linked and if anyone loves me, BUY ALL OF THEM! I'll share them with you :D

Credit: corset-uk

8. Slogan T-Shirts 

I already own a Netflix and Chill Tee which is just out of this world on the cheese level but now I feel like I need a whole collection of awful slogan tees to reflect whatever mood I'm in.

For example, I could make a collection purely out of Mean Girls tees.

Credit: Etsy

9. Over-sized shirts 

Again, from binging 80's shows and movies and having a history of wanting to become a 'famous artist' (don't judge me, I was 12), I live for the over-sized shirt. I used to steal my Mum's when I was in college because she was a bigger size than me (sorry Mum, don't take that the wrong way) and attempted to purchase some lately but they're all too...fitted. I'm talking over-sized to the point where it looks about 20 years old and not designed for human usage. Not "A bit baggy but will hug every curve you have."

Credit: Pinterest

 10. Vintage vibing

This is a very generic end to the post but I loooooove vintage fashion. I follow a lot of people on Instagram who look like they belong in a different era. 

I shop at mainstream budget stores so don't expect much but I'm feeling expanding my horizons. Vintage and vintage inspired fashion is just so glamorous. I often feel that I was born in the wrong period of time but I'm opinionated, loud, having neon colours in my hair and I'm a woman sooooo...maybe not. I would love to go back in time for day or two just to experience the fashions first hand though!

Credit: Glamourdaze

Credit: Pinterest 

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What style are you currently rocking? Any obsessions new or old? Comment/link me below or find me on social media! 

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  1. YAASSSS! A lot of this is already in my summer wardrobe and I alternate styles depending on my mood... I don't think I'd feel brave enough for a bralet though and the coloured denim just takes me back to my teenage emo days haha!

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