Feel Good Flapjack - An Alternative Treat

Look at it! It only took an hour to make, it's less than 150 calories and it tastes scrumptious! 

On Sunday, I blogged about mine and Jamie's new exercise and diet regime. It all seemed good and well until I walked into work today and was surrounded by cakes, biscuits and chocolate.


See, although I'm not 'dieting' per se and I'm doing this lifestyle overhaul (again) because I am extremely unfit and unhealthy, I have no will power. I eat my emotions. That's totally okay to do ... in moderation, but I will get upset (people are fucking arseholes), cry and then eat a tube of Pringles... "Once you pop, Gillie don't stop." And then get dry mouth, probably drink some form of alcohol and then eat chocolate. I had no prior exercise regime and then wondered why I was depressed so ate my emotions...again. Viscous cycle.

I also lack portion control. If I was hungry (all the time by the way, I feel like my life is just a giant waiting period between meals) then I would eat as much as possible. I would see food and my eyes were always bigger than my belly.

I've been quite good lately. I'm laughing at myself writing that because it's been three whole days. I have turned down the chocolate, biscuits and cakes at work, I have refrained from buying processed rubbish and actually spent the same amount of money on mainly fruit and vegetables.

I feel great. I don't feel sluggish at or after work and I find myself complaining less about anything/everything too. That was until the cravings hit me. I was half way through some vegetable stir fry (which tasted beautiful by the way) and I really craved a big fat slice of chocolate cake.

I've blogged in the past about my unhealthy relationship with food and body image and so thought, no. I will not restrict myself from delicious foods but I will not fall off the bandwagon either. It's stupid to deny your body what it craves but it's equally as stupid to fill it with all the shit that I have over the years. At lunch time today (whilst shoving leftover stir fry into my mouth), I found myself sat at my desk, Googling alternative sweet treats. Boom. Best of both worlds!

I found this recipe on BBC Good Food and shall share on my blog how I made it. Of course, there are many, many variations of how to make this recipe and I shall be doing it over and over again, trying new ingredients and probably blogging about it - because that's what I do.


50g of butter (and a bit to grease your tray) (You can be super healthy and use oils, etc)
2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter
3 tablespoons of honey
250g of (rolled) oats

The peanut butter I used was from the Whole Earth range. Apparently it's better for you than regular peanut butter and has a super pretty packaging. I must admit that it actually does taste better than any other peanut butter that I have tried before!


1. Heat your oven to 160C/140C if a fan oven (like mine) or gas mark 3. Grease/butter up a baking tray.

2. Get a pan and heat up your butter, peanut butter and honey. Add 100ml hot water and mix to combine.

3. Take the mixture and pour over your oats and mix until of a 'wet' consistency.

4. Flatten out onto the tray and bake for 55 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Serve with garnish.

That was all I used as Jamie is quite a fussy eater and I don't like fruit unless it's raw. We're going to recreate this at a later date with some chocolate flavoured protein powder. You can also mix in seeds, nuts, fruits, maple syrup...there are so many options.

 I served this attempt with natural low fat yogurt and a teaspoon of honey.

It made my cravings go away and was delicious and a healthy alternative!

The site I got this recipe off suggests to store in an airtight container in the fridge and they can last up to three days!

Do you have any healthy alternative recipes? Comment below or find me on social media!

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