Hump Day Hacks - To Give You Longer in Bed in the Morning

Hump day.

The middle of the proverbial hill. We have made it, yet again, through Mundane Monday and Chewsday. We are at the top of the hill. The weekend is in sight, you can taste Vodka Friday and are excited about the impending hangover.

Hump day.

The day of the week that I am most likely to choose my bed over my job. (Never happens though - thanks Jamie), the day that I will always be late, always look like shit and always complain about 50 things before I've even sat down at my desk. The day I consume far too much caffeine and crash hard mid afternoon. The day that I get depressed that my life turned out nothing like I'd planned it to and the day that I have no fucking idea what I'm doing with said life.

Today, Hump Day, I chose to be somewhat productive and share with you Hump Day Hacks. Hacks that will give you longer in bed every day of the week but in particular this one, the hardest one. I use these hacks because I'm so unbelievably tired and lazy and I need as much sleep as my body will let me have (7am starting time at work seemed like a good idea). And I dream of Tom Cruise circa Lestat costume so, ya know, sleep is cherished. 

My Hump Day Hacks to give you extra time in your beloved bed.

1. Construct a 'work uniform.'

A woman I work with owns 5 shirts, 5 pairs of trousers, a pair of boots and 5 cardigans. This is her work uniform. Outside of work she glams up to the nine's and for almost 60, looks unreal but to save time and overall energy, she wears the same rotation of items every day, every week. And she looks professional - unlike me.

If you follow my Instagram, then you may have seen my little melt down at work this morning in which my dress decided to split and reveal my boobs ever so slowly. Thank fuck I went bra shopping and got those babies properly covered or my colleagues would have definitely had a show today.

A colleague ended up giving me a bull-dog clip to temporarily fix the situation. It lasted until I got home and when I was changing the whole front of the chest area (where the seam is) came undone. Mortified.

2. Have an interchangeable wardrobe.

If you don't want a work uniform, have an interchangeable wardrobe. Buy blazers, dresses, trousers, shirts, etc that can all be mixed and matched with little to no effort. 

3. Get it ready the night before.

I tend to prep a little outfit the night before and lay it out so I can crawl out of bed and into clothing. There's nothing worse than pulling yourself out of bed and then not being able to remember where anything is or if it has even been washed recently.

4. Hang outfits up.

I can get quite lazy when it comes to putting my clothes away. Jamie and I have a spare bedroom and so the dryer and both of our wardrobes are in there. It is so easy to wash clothes, put them in the dryer and then throw them all into the spare basket. Of course, it's not easy finding all of the clothes again when I require them as I then have my entire wardrobe thrown into a basket.

5. Never hang something dirty.

I don't know why anyone would do this anyway but it definitely would help you if you knew that items of clothing you were selecting to wear were, indeed, clean.

6. Avoid clothes that will need ironing/easy to crease.

I despise ironing and simply don't do it. I purposely buy and wear clothes that I get away with not having to iron and if something does require a quick iron, I place it in Jamie's ironing basket and then puppy eye uncontrollably to make him iron it. It's also a time saver if your clothes can be washed and put away without the extra task of ironing...unless you're my parents that weirdly love it.

7. Avoid layering if you can.

People always say that layering is to key to office fashion. No, the key to office fashion is something comfortable, somewhat stylish that you can easily throw on and get off. 

I have 2 'defined styles' in life. The dress and the pencil skirt. I usually go to simple dresses with a cardigan/blazer and leggings because it takes all of 10 seconds to put on but on days where I feel like making some effort, I wear pencil skirts. This requires a little time though. I have to put on the leggings, then a vest top, then the pencil skirt and then another more stylish top and finish it off with a jacket or cardigan. Compared to throwing on a dress, this lengthens my time of getting ready and lessens my time with my bed.

For the second time in my life, I wore a matching outfit! The shock.

8. Slip on Shoes

As seen above, slip on shoes are my saviour. It takes time to find a seat (just me with awful balance that can't stand and tie their shoes?), put on the shoe and then lace it up. I buy slip on shoes as it takes 0.2 seconds (and I don't have to find a seat) to slip them on as I'm walking out of the door.

And...I found these beauties in Matalan for 13 quid.

9. Have a 'work bag.'

There's nothing worse than leaving work for the weekend, going out on a night out and forgetting to unpack and repack essential items on a Monday morning.

I find that having 2 bags, the pre-packed work bag with the pens, headphones, USB charger, etc in and the 'move your purse and phone over here' bag really helped with the transition of weekends to work days.

10. Keep your essentials in your bag or near your door.

The amount of times that I have forgotten my lunch, keys, headphones or work pass is unbelievable.
Now, I tend to leave my pass, keys and headphones in the bag and my lunch near the bag so I spot it when I pick it up. I don't think I have ever forgotten an entire bag before so this hack tends to work for me.

11. Pre-make/pack your lunch the night before.

I spend at least 10 minutes meal prepping. This made me late so many times and made me rush to the bus/car/cycle extra quickly to not be late to the actual office. 

I also found that making an extra serving of your dinner the night before (i.e. pasta), made a really good lunch for the next day and required no extra effort at all. It helps if you work in a place with a kitchen point equipped with a microwave and fridge so your food doesn't go funny whilst waiting for lunch time to come around. 

Another hack for the extra lazy people out there (hi, that's me) is to keep goods in your locker at work. I'm fortunate to have a locker near my desk at work and I don't have to share it with anyone so tend to store non-perishables like crisps, noodles, those pasta packets, coffee, tea, etc in. Of course this can be really unhealthy and get a bit boring day in and day out so you could mix up all of the above hacks and still have extra time in bed.

12. Shower/bathe the night before.

So much time can be saved by bathing/showering the night before. Wash and dry your hair, do your skin treatments (I have oily skin) and really pamper yourself. I also use hair oils and have naturally frizzy hair so have to dry, oil and then straighten my hair which takes FOREVER. I do tend to dance around in my underwear to Taylor Swift a lot though...

Anyway, if you do ALLLLL of that the night before, you can wake up, stay in bed and then wash, brush your teeth and hair all at a much quicker pace than the full whack.

13. Rock the Up-Do

As I said about the naturally frizzy hair that requires a butt load of work to make it look half decent, I constantly rock the up-do. Of course, if you have short hair then skip this step because it probably doesn't apply to you. I brush my hair, tie it in a rather questionable looking bun and may straighten my fringe depending how bad it looks. 

There are also lots of decent looking updo's that you could wear to work but Google that because I'm hopeless. 

Last but my no means least -

14. Keep a clear path.

This sounds really stupid but who hasn't dumped their shoes in the living room, dumped their coat near the door it hangs on, left their laptop on the floor from the night before or generally left a little bit of a mess because you're a tired human being?

It takes so much longer when you're trying to dodge the trail of crap from the night before and find everything you need to get to work. If you follow all of the above then you can lie in (sort of), fall into your clothing, whack your hair up and slip the rest on, on the way out of the door! 

So those are my Hump Day Hacks.

Do you have any life hacks that can make life that little bit easier? If so then comment below, link me to your posts or find me on social media! 

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