June Beauty Wishlist! My Top 10 Wanted Products

I have just sat and gone through the budget for the month with my beautiful other half/accountant because I suck with money.

To get over the depression that I'm working weekend overtime for the foreseeable future and not a millionaire, I decided to publish the products that I have been lusting after!

June Beauty Wishlist 

1. Bleach London - Awkward Peach 

Credit: Boots.com

I'm stuck between wanting red, pink and peach hair so naturally, I'm going to go through all of them.

I've seen bloggers and Instagrammers rocking Awkward Peach tresses and it makes me ultra swoon.

Credit: LilyDoughball 

Blogger Lily over at LilyDoughball looked gorgeous when she dyed her locks peach back in 2014. She wrote a review here.

2. Good Dye Young - Ex Girl 

Today, at some point, I am dying my hair from red to Live's Raspberry Rebel. I naturally faded my current hair colour so the shade won't be pure and will be darker than advertised but I'm refraining from bleaching my hair again until I'm ready to commit to a particular colour long term.

Another colour that I fell in lust with came from Hayley William's brand Good Dye Young.

I have been a Paramore Fan Girl since I can remember and mimicked her hair throughout my teenage and young adult years. When my best friend and I found out that she was releasing her own brand of dyes, we almost fainted whilst spamming each other's inboxes. 

Credit: cosmeticbusiness.com

My chosen shade of preference is Ex-Girl. A neon shade of pink with the sassiest name ever.

 Credit: GoodDyeYoung.com
Credit: GoodDyeYoung.com

3. MAC - Highlighter's

I have an obsession with shimmering skin. I'm not completely sure why this started but following Make Up artisan's like Teratology and anythingforselenaaas make me want to up my make-up game so bad. 

And I have an addiction to glitter that has actually gotten progressively worse with age. 

Credit: Shellieskillen 

Shellie blogged this awesome review about the above particular highlighter's here.

4. NYX Studio Finishing Powder

Credit: Boots.com

Just look at it! According to the Boots site: "This 100% pure mineral silica finishing powder is perfect for setting your foundation or wearing alone"

Alongside the highlighters, I would look like a glistening angel.

5. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil...

...That doubles as an eye-shadow.

Credit: Pinterest 

Credit: colourscosmeticsmalaysia.com

As well as being the ultimate fan girl over NYX cosmetics, I've been following the NYX UK Face Awards across many platforms. 

A lot of people used these pencils as part of their creations and they look amazing! 

I reviewed a cheap alternative to these in my early blogging days and hated the product so I'm really hoping to get my hands on these and write a loving dedication to jumbo eye pencils. 

6. Miss Sporty Insta Glow Foundation

Credit: Superdrug.com

For the first time in my entire life, I bought something off my wishlist! Although the wishlist wasn't published at this point and so I'm kind of adding it to the wishlist even though I bought it yesterday...

When out and about adventuring with my Mama yesterday (blogged about here) we had a Superdrug haul in which Miss Sporty products were on sale 3 for £5.00.

I ended up picking up a foundation and primer. I'm so excited to wear them!

7. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Credit: Hollywoodlife

Credit: look.co.uk

Although not an actual fan of Kylie or the Kardashian/Jenner clan (although super jel of their lifestyles), I am obsessed with liquid to matte lipsticks.

A lot of bloggers lost their shit over this kit and Becca Lammin (who I watch and admire on YouTube) became such a super-fan that she bought one just for a giveaway to her fans. 

I have been struggling to find a product that I actually adore since I started using Provocalips by Rimmel back in 2015. That product does not budge and so I am so critical when it comes to other lipsticks claiming the same thing.

(I reviewed Provocalips here).

I want to try it and see if my much loved Becca (and other bloggers/YouTubers) were right!

And it comes with a lip liner which makes it worth the price and shipping fees. 

8. Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack

Pigmented, neon and the stack is magnetic. What is not to want????

I originally saw this on Pennold's Instagram  and then that exact same day saw it on Rose Shock's. 

I want to wear it, play with it, swatch it, stack it, love it.

The ultimate art can be created with these and I get so excited about the thought of it that my heart palpitates. (I should probably get that checked out.)

Check out Rose Shock's review and creation here.

9. Grav3yardGirl Swamp Queen

I am Bunny's number 1 fan girl. We are both loud, irritating and have both been questioned as to whether we have ADHD or not.

I watch her videos religiously and if I need a pick me up then I will binge her entire channel.

Although Bunny is perfectly comfortable being seen in public and recording her YouTube videos without any makeup on...when she does do her make-up, it is effing flawless. 

Credit: YouTube

So, naturally, she released this AMAZING PRODUCT.

Credit: fleurdeforce 


Tarte X collaborated with Swamp Queen Bunny to create this so, of course, it's limited edition. *Sulks.*

Last but not least, the product that I want the most:

10. Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eye-shadow Pallette

Credit: Pinterest

Eye-shadow, lipsticks and Alice in Wonderland themed?!?!?!


I want to look like the Mad Hatter all year round and what better way to do that than with a product based on his actual character (as well as others). 

I actually am currently working on an Alice in Wonderland project so we'll see if I get this and incorporate it ;) 

So that's my top 10 most wanted products of the month and probably the year unless I find stuff that is EVEN BETTER. 

What's on your wishlist? Do you have any of the products on mine? What do you think of them? Comment below or find me on social media!

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  1. Do you know what?! It was just the the other day I was thinking of dying my hair! I would go for bright pink or ligh shade of purple. It's such a shame to be a grown up with a serious job, I just wouldn't be able to pull this off! Haha.

    Dash Xx | Mode Lily

    1. I'm thinking of bright pink too! I just want the entire rainbow :') Not at the same time though, have done that before and maintenance is such a bitch! I have a job that luckily doesn't care. I've had blue hair before and now they place bets on what colour I'll go next, haha! I also want a career in which it's kind of promoted to be bright and quirky so that's hopefully a good thing too! :D <3

  2. I have one of the NYX jumbo pencils which I'm trying at the moment! I think my top wishlist item would be a salt spray for my hair to go for a beach look this summer :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. Ooooooo! You'll have to let me know if it's any good? Pretty please! And yes! I love a good salt spray! I bought a sea spray from Lush a while ago and it was amazing. I need to neglect my hair less when it comes to products, haha! <3