Another work trial! I am still on a mission to find and collect the ultimately perfect liquid to matte lipstick and a reason why my best friend is better than yours is that after a really shitty day (I cried at work- a lot, life!), she turned up at my flat and surprised me with a present. Another Liquid to Matte lipstick to try!

She's like me with make-up. We like different shades and colours but conclusively the same brands and so adore shopping for new cosmetics together. And Dannii has this talent of 1) Finding absolute bargains online, 2) Sniping bids on eBay which I cannot do for the life of me.

Now, I was initially dubious about it being a Lime Crime product because I remember that massive drama that booted off with the creator and the brand which is all over the internet. As relatively new beauty blogger, I didn't want my blog to be associated with the brand in case I was inevitably attacked.

Nowadays, I'm more inclined to post what I want because everyone has a right to air their opinion in a respectful, informative way. I know people and some of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers who will never go near the brand and associated products ever again. I respect that and I understand exactly why because some of the stunts pulled were utterly shocking, RoseShock covered the whole thing really well in this post (which actually made me contemplate posting this review at all), but at the end of my day, it's just a bit of fun with some lippie which Dannii got off eBay. I am not likely to buy Lime Crime products myself and it is highly likely that I will not be using their site to do so. 

Okay, now that I got the tough bit out of the way. Time for a bit of fun reviewing the actual product. 


As always, the first thing that I noticed was the packaging. It comes in a clouded translucent hard plastic tube, allowing you to see the colour but not quite revealing just how neon it really is.

This tube comes in a cardboard package with the brand's design on. I personally don't care for these and usually get rid of them as soon as I open the product, but I know a lot of people love the outer packaging as well as that of the product they've bought.

I suppose it adds to the delight of owning something branded, whether you keep it or not.

The lipstick has a standard applicator as opposed to a brush which I love. I dislike lip brushes as I find it harder to draw on the lips. I exaggerate my cupids bow (usually with pencil) before 'filling' my lips. Applicators make this easier and smoother as a process. This particular applicator 'pulls' out too much product for my lips. It is resolved by simply 'wiping' it back into the tube though. 

Application to the lips was ideal. The smoothest and fastest drying product that I have ever used. It has no glossiness to it but is instead instant matte and a velvety finish. It doesn't dry the lips or become sticky over time and it doesn't 'crack' from drying out too much. 

The colour is neon, pigmented and opaque. It only requires one coat instead of a build up of layers like other liquid to matte lipsticks that I have used. The lipstick wasn't too thick or creamy either. When applying to the lips, it was very light and glided across both the top and bottom lip.

The product doesn't taste of anything and smells faintly of vanilla which I actually enjoy. 

As always, I get really paranoid about feathering down/up/all over the face and transfer to teeth. None of this happened. It slightly faded after many hours but not dramatically. 

When kissing, talking, pressing my lips together (I have a habit of pressing my lips together when I'm disgusted with something), kissing my own hand to see if there's any residue (please tell me other people do this?) and drinking my daily dose of caffeine, there was absolute no transfer to mugs, cups, people and hands/arms. 

The product is significantly durable but it can require reapplication approximately every 6 hours if you consume something wet or excessively drink liquids (i.e. a night out) as it doesn't survive these. I ate a pizza and salad with one drink and the product didn't budge in the slightest. Another meal was 'wet food' such as noodles and a few pints of lager and it considerably faded as well as collecting and congealing in the corners of my lips which was actually a bit disgusting.

Removal was super easy. When I swatched the product, it didn't come off at all which I loved! When I wore the product, as stated above, it was pretty durable. When I wanted to remove it, depending how long I had worn it, it was really easy to remove.

When I had worn it for over 12 hours, the product came off with a wipe of a tissue. When I had worn it for around 6 or 7, it required a wet wipe but no scrubbing. My lips also felt very replenished after it's removal. 

My favourite part of this lipstick is the amount of compliments I receive when I where it. I posted it on my Instagram and received a few comments and in person, people find it eye catching and tell me that I suit the shade and they love how bright and long lasting it is.

Overall, I give this product a 4.2 out of 5. I would recommend to a friend (with some warning), I would purchase more (off eBay) and I would wear it again - and in fact have every day since I got it.

EDIT: Before purchasing Lime Crime or any make-up other than the official brand/retailers ... check out this post on Exposing Fakeup!

What are your thoughts on this product or Lime Crime? What are your favourite liquid lipsticks? Comment below or find me on social media!

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