I haven't done a work trial on make-up in forever! I don't actually tend to wear make-up to work and so that is probably why, ha!

I went out for a little adventure with Mama dearest the other day (blogged about here) and picked up a new liquid to matte lipstick. 

Now, since I found and fell in love with Provocalips, I haven't bothered to experiment with any other product and tend to use that as my base when seeking out new lipsticks.

So, with that in mind, here is my review of Go Rio - Color Sensational, Vivid Matte Liquid in shade Electric Pink. 

The Maybelline website states: 

"Lip color glides on smooth to a matte finish.
Infused with pure pigments for high-impact color
Creamy liquid base for a soft, cushiony feel

Why You'll Love It

Drench your lips in Vivid Matte. 
Bold, vivid color glides easily onto lips for a velvety matte finish. Formula is comfortable and creamy with a smooth feel upon application. With full color coverage, the result is a rich, intense lip look in a range of colors from Nude Flush to Electric Pink to Vivid Violet. Available in 10 vibrant, matte shades."


The first thing I noticed about the product was the packaging. It comes in a hard plastic tube with a screw top and a thin applicator. I'm not a fan of squeezy tubes. I don't know why, I just prefer the hard plastic or even glass bottles that make-up comes in. Maybe it's a teen (very badly applied) makeup thing. Because when I was 13, all of the makeup I bought was awful and in squeezy tubes. I also love that it's a simple design to not take away from the neon colour of the lipstick.

An annoying thing is the re-branding of products. The first time I researched this, I looked on the official website and it claimed to be a liquid to matte lipstick (which it is) but upon buying it in the homeland (England), it had a 'Go Rio' sticker whacked on it and sold as part of an 'Exclusive Rio Collection" for £7.99 as a lip gloss. 

Next was the applicator. As stated above, it's a thin applicator which made it really useful for a smooth application. It doesn't pick up too much product so you can't over-apply on your lips and when it comes to accentuating your cupids bow (just me?), the thin tips make it easier to 'draw' with.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous. It smells like a vanilla dessert and I even said to a colleague that it smells like kinder eggs which, to me, is not a bad thing.

The lipstick starts off glossy and has a silky application. At first, the product looks like it is a little translucent until it begins to dry on your lips. It is very pigmented once the product has 'settled' and dried. 

A thing that put this product down in my books is how long it takes to turn from a glossy liquid to matte. Not instantly drying which is a bit of a let down. If you're in a rush or running late then I don't recommend this product but I don't like lip glosses and the textures/feels of glossy lips so that's just my personal opinion.

There is a little shine that lasts until it dries but I didn't mind that so much. I was conscious that it would rub off and transfer to my teeth but surprisingly it didn't. It took around three hours to dry into a fully matte product and lose it's shine. 

It's not transfer proof. The colour lasts on the lips by turning into some sort of lip stain and losing the shine but it did transfer to the cups, boyfriend's lips/cheeks, whatever touched my lips but overall the pigmented pink shade survived.

I was also concerned that it would 'leak' into my skin. You know where you apply a lipstick and through the day it seeps off up and around your lips? I was concerned that would happen because it stayed as a gloss for so long but I didn't notice any seepage which is good.

If you apply more than once - I topped it up at the end of the day before venturing out with my boyfriend - it does give the lips a tacky residue feel. I think this is because it has become matte over the day and then you are applying a fresh layer of gloss over the top. 

Once the product has become dry again, the tacky feel does go away but it can be annoying if you're like me, writing a review on the product, and so actively concentrating on it. Maybe next time I wear it I won't notice this?

The product doesn't necessarily claim to be waterproof but I like to really test out makeup products that I purchase. 

It's durable. I washed my face after eating a messy dinner and the product actually survived. I patted my face dry as to not wipe the product off and all that happened was a slight fade in colour. It had stained my lips. Later on when I was removing the product fully, it wiped off with no problem at all. It's durable and yet easy to get off with a wet wipe/object.

A nice little bonus was that although it doesn't claim to be a plumping lipstick by any means, my lips did temporarily feel more plump after application and removal of application. They also felt less dry and chapped than they usually do. 

I would recommend the product to my friends, I would wear it again, and I could possibly buy other shades of the product but I am aware that there are better products out there in terms of drying times/transferring. 

Perfect if you like glosses and matte lipsticks. Not so great if you hate glosses and were expecting quicker results. 

Overall rating: 3.6/5 - Long lasting and pigmented but the amount of time to turn to matte knocked it down.

Here is a really awkward picture of my lips. It was taken at 7am on a Sunday morning before work, I hadn't scrubbed my lips or used lip liner so it didn't look as good as it could have on a night out. The shade of pink is to die for though.

Have you used this product before? If so, what are your thoughts? What are your favourite liquid to matte lipsticks? Comment and share your links below!

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  1. Interesting to see a matte gloss... I love the colours but I don't think I could get on with the stickiness and it coming off on everything. How much does it cost?


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    1. Yeah, I was so paranoid about my teeth, haha! It was £7.99 :) But I'm not sure if the prices vary as it's 'Exclusive to Rio' and available without the sticker :') <3 <3