Psych Yourself Up - A Guide to a Better Life...

You can tell what game I've been playing lately...

I've been ill lately. I feel like I've had a migraine most of my adult life and the general trials and tribulations (namely people) have been really getting to me. I've taken some sick leave off work and spent time trying to recover, physically and mentally.

Yesterday, this worked well. I did my make-up, I went for a walk and caught up on my favourite TV show (Versailles...omg, it's so good.) I cooked, I cleaned and planned some content for my blog all whilst drugged up to the eyeballs on painkillers. 

This morning, fucking disaster. I live in a flat, below an inconsiderate arsehole who at 4am this morning had his drunk friends bellowing outside to be let in, followed by several hefty, heavy footed men shouting, singing and rambling for the next 2 and a half hours. I just need sleep. I'm all for a party, fuck, I have my own but, come on. Take your boots off, lower the tone of your voice and for God's sake, shut your fucking windows or learn to hold a decent tune.

So, now it's 10 to 7 in the morning. The migraine is raging, the tiredness is real and I just want to curl up in a ball for the foreseeable.

It's easy to just stay in my pajamas, get back into bed and not move until someone requires my attention but this is actually the worst thing I (and anyone else) could do. Below is my guide (may not work for everyone), of how to live a better lifestyle that could improve your mental and physical health.

 1. Drink Water

Start your day with a ice cold glass of water. It gets the blood flowing, staves of dehydration and can get rid of the grogginess of waking up. Drink water consistently throughout the day and you'll be surprised at how much energy your body naturally has.

2. Wake up early

Okay, so this doesn't apply if you work rota'd hours or back/night-shift but if it is possible for you, wake up early. Try and pace it so you can enjoy breakfast, stretch your body, possibly shower and really get ready. I totally wrote a hack post about things to do to stay in bed longer here but I am actually an early riser. I haven't slept in passed 9am in over 2 years (bar nights out where I crawl in at 4am and inevitably pass out). I am at my desk for 7am every week day and out of bed 'lifing' at 8am on weekends (whether I like it or not).

3. Once in a while, catch a sunrise. 

This morning, Jamie and I were forced awake by a selfish prick with lack of consideration for other people and their work patterns. Upon pulling myself out of bed and onto the couch to write this blog post, the Sun started to rise which actually filled me with a feeling of joy. It's a new day. It's a new adventure and yesterday is over. I also watched Interview with the Vampire at a young age and have done religiously since (I'm excited and yet so nervous for the 'remake.') and so always play back that music/sequence in my head featured in the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt film. 

4. Go for a walk/run/get out 

Nothing promotes ill mental/physical health than cooping yourself up. Even if you just walk to the shop or around the block, the fresh air and movement of your body will make you feel better. I've always loved walking through nature and exploring but try and get out at least for half an hour on my days off. Physical activity stimulates brain activity and various chemicals releasing endorphin's promoting good mental health, happiness and confidence. 

5. Go camping

Grab some mates, get a tent and a disposable BBQ and get out in a nature. Even if it's just for one night. You'll bond with your peers, form some good memories and reset your body clock

6. Avoid Social Media/Technology 

I'm currently blogging before whacking it on every Social Media I have to promote this post but after that, my phone is silenced (noone really needs me that much), my laptop is getting shut down and I am enjoying some technology free time. 

There is more to life than getting sucked up in someone's irrelevant opinions on a topic you couldn't care less for. There's is more to life than the live streamed content with 24/7 availability. Technology is fantastic but so is asking the old lady downstairs how her day is, asking how the teenager of someone in the corner shop is doing with their new college and generally taking time to observe that this world works. 

Sometimes, I will sit on a bench or in my bedroom window and watch the world go by. I love to sit on trains and buses and watch the world too because outside of my world are relationships and friendships forming, people meeting and falling in love for the first time, people finding out they're pregnant, careers taking off and a variety of things coming to an end. Technology can sometimes have this filter that real life can't ever have. It's nice to break and experience how the world turns first hand.

7. Lie backward off the couch

This sounds crazy but I'm sure everyone had a wild childhood and was always getting told off for lying backwards off the couch. If I'm stressed, I revert to childhood and I'm instantly fixed. This doesn't work so well if you have a headache/migraine but if the estate agent is pulling one of over, if the builder didn't show up or moved to Thailand instead of fixing your locks and if you're stressed at your neighbour and his lack of people skills...walk in the house, drop your shit on the floor and lie backwards off the couch until the feeling of punching them in the throat passes. 

8. Create Art

Relating to that childhood thing. Crack out your felt tips and your glitter and just fill the pages with shit. You'll feel good and if you have any form of talent (I totally don't) then you could even make a pretty penny.

9. Have a shower/bath

Wash away your worries. Get some bath bombs, glitter bombs, nice smelling body gel and have yourself a pamper sesh.

10. Listen/Dance to music 

My all time favourite hobby is to strip down to a shirt and underpants, blast cheesy as fuck pop music, 'rock' music from my teenage years (My Chemical Romance raised me) and dance around like a Dad at a wedding. Blood is pumping, nostalgia fills the air and I am happy. Also, Punk Goes Pop is THE BEST THING EVER. The amount of times I have acted out a live stage performance with my fictional band in the shower is outrageous. 

11. Dress to impress

Whether you're going anywhere or not. If I'm decorating/DIY'ing, I have pastel pink coveralls, if I'm exercising (HAHAHA), I have joggers and if I'm working then I wear a pencil skirt or a dress. If I'm doing nothing, depending on my mood, I will still make the effort to dress up. 

If I'm low in confidence and self esteem, I have my go to blazer. It's over-sized to fuck and totally makes me feel like an empowered extra from the Breakfast Club. 

I have outfits for every occasion. They encourage the mood I want and I'm more likely to get the results that I want. 

The Nun outfit - for when I'm annoyed and could possibly run away to a convent.

I miss my blue hair so much.

The estate agent - for when my estate agent is being a dick and I need to tell them how to do their job.

The "My friend's are coming over" shirt. I wear this every time. They still don't laugh at my bad humour.

Dress how you want to feel. If you dress sluggish - you will feel sluggish.

This also applies to make-up. If you want that extra war paint to make a statement, do it. Yesterday, I wore red lipstick and a revealing leopard print dress. I only left the flat for half an hour but I felt good wearing it.

12. Clean/De-Clutter

When I'm feeling low, I clean and tidy. A clean and open space reflects a clean and open mind.

13. Talk it out

It is good to have alone time and I heavily promote that self development but sometimes, you need to offload to your nearest and dearest and have them break you out of your own self destruction. They can provide views and advice that you would not have realised on your own. 

14. Alone time

As stated above, it's good to take time to self develop. Enjoy a hobby, find a hobby, catch up on shit TV, take a walk in yourself. If you enjoy going to the cinema then take yourself there, you know you'll have a good time at least. 

15. Do one thing you've been avoiding

I avoid washing up because I hate it. I avoid sorting my finances because I hate it. I avoid doing things that I don't like because they put me in a bad mood but avoiding them and consequently thinking about them put me in an equally bad mood. Bite the bullet and do it and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. 

16. Cook a meal from scratch

It's fun and you will enjoy it that bit extra because you made it yourself

17. Treat yourself

Whether you want a new lippie, new camera or a game. Work hard and play harder. Treat yourself, reward yourself for successfully adulting.

18. Check in with the Doctor 

Sometimes, a good old: "Just tell me if I'm on the right track" is needed. The Doc can run quick tests and give you general advice to improve your mental and physical health and even diagnose more serious issues.

19. Relax. Contrary to all advice given so far, sometimes you just need a chill day. Especially if life has been tough. Kick back, crack open a can and just chill.

How do you improve your mental/physical health and/or maintain your moods? Comment below or find me on social media! 

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