Sunday Adventures featuring Father's Day/Birthday

Happy Father's Day to Dad's out there and Happy Birthday/Father's Day to my own! (I went to see him earlier but he's also subscribed to this blog so maybe he'll see this if he figures out how to use technology any time soon.)

I have had such a productive Sunday that I don't even know where to start. My dear old Dad turned 56 today. He is the HARDEST person to buy for. He already has enough clothing after 23 years of me buying t-shirts and socks for him and he doesn't actually do anything but work. Times like this I wish my Dad had an office job or a uniform so I could get cool-yet-pointless office supplies and cheesy gifts to bog down his desk but he works in a factory so there's nothing I can actually buy that's work related.

I was also going to make him a glass. You take a bottle and some flammable objects/substances, set it on fire and boom, home made bottle. The problem with this is that noone trusts me with fire and they were afraid of a literal boom so I decided to go for a safer option. 

Inspired by The Art of Manliness I decided to make my Dad a personal gift this year. He likes booze and he is disgustingly always picking his teeth so I created booze infused cocktail sticks! I added far too much peppermint but the thought was there :') He seemed to enjoy it.

If you wanna make your own simply buy cocktail sticks, alcohol (a spirit is apparently the best option, I used Licor 43 which I got from Duty Free), a sealed container (I used the one that my cocktail sticks came in) and oil (I used peppermint). 

Simply soak the cocktail sticks in the alcohol and 2-3 drops of the oil (depending how pungent you want it, if you use peppermint like I did I would even recommend just 1 drop!) overnight and then place on top of something like a towel to let them dry. Voila! Done. 

A woman that I work with also makes THE BEST CAKES EVER. Since I found out that she baked, I haven't bought/ordered cakes from anywhere but her. Back in April, I ordered a boob cake for my birthday...that is exactly what it sounds like. I thought it was in bad taste and hilarious and all of my friends loved it.

I don't hide anything from my parents. There is a generation divide that can become apparent at times (like when I broke up with my army boyfriend because he was cheating on me and they were trying to convince me to marry him because all of the women in our family tended to marry army guys) but they are becoming more and more okay with the fact that times have changed and I am not likely to live my life in any way similar to the way that they lived theirs.

Anyway, I showed my Mum this boob cake because it was hilarious and she fell in love with it. She then ordered one for my Dad's birthday. I got it delivered yesterday and he had no idea that he was even getting a cake, never mind a boob one! My Mum rang me and said that he was super happy and overwhelmed by it, aha! It filled my heart with happiness and joy.

If you're wondering who Taff is, it's my Dad's nickname because he's Welsh :')

We ate cake and had coffee together and my Mother couldn't stop laughing at the fact we were eating boobs. She's so cute.

Whilst I'm talking about eating cake, Jamie and I have had a lifestyle overhaul!

Completely contradictory to the statement that I shared cake and coffee, we have decided to exercise together and overhaul our entire diet...again.

When I started this blog, I had started cycling and changed my diet and I felt great! I'm not sure why I stopped to be honest. I stopped cycling because I moved in to a flat and simply had no room but my diet went to shit - probably out of convenience. 

At 7am this morning he jumped on me telling me to get up because we were going running. 

You can see how happy we are about this.

I learned how self conscious I was when out and about. I adore nature and love going camping and for walks but when it comes to exercising, I don't know, I get embarrassed. We went to the local(ish) park area which had a fair few old people and dog walkers walking around so I told Jamie to run off and I would walk around to try and get my confidence up to run.

I don't think I was really dressed appropriately to run around in. After taking the scenic route to walk, I did leg it over the field though.  

I also kept thinking that I need to become more like Phoebe and less like Rachel in that episode of Friends.


We both passed this trolley abandoned here. We live in such a classy town.

We are so unfit.

We've made a plan to go running/walking/on an adventure every weekend or one day after work every week. Next week we're climbing Roseberry Topping if the weather holds. I use to go there with my Dad and brother all the time when I was younger. I feel like this is where my wanderlust came from.

When we got back I made us a banana smoothie. It was so refreshing not just wasting my day or even morning lying in bed on technology and eating crap. 

I'm going to try and convert to Soy Milk at some point.

I have a new addiction to add to my list of weird addictions. I was already a fan of peanut butter but this stuff is insanely gorgeous that Jamie has to rein in how much of it I actually eat.

I could happily sit and eat the ENTIRE TUB in one sitting. 

Well, that's it for this week's Sunday Adventures..

How did you spend Father's Day/your Sunday? Have you been on any adventures lately? Comment below or find me on social media!

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